Bulk injector blades?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Southern Gent, Sep 12, 2020.

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    So, I just got my first Schick injector Adjustable and I believe it's going to work for me. Coincidentally, I do leatherwork and use a tool called a skiver that is used to trim and thin the edges of leather and it uses single edge injector blades too.
    So I'm looking to purchase some blades in bulk (100-count or so) that I can use in both my Schick razor and my skiver.
    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get some and what brand to purchase?
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  2. Terry

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    Those are normally expensive blades.
    I use Schick B-20 blades. I can buy them in bulk.
    You have to have an injector unit that you can reload. B-20 blades don't come in an injector unit that will load your razor.
    They are somewhat sharper blades too.
    Good luck!

  3. Southern Gent

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    I do have several injector dispensers that I've been using for my leather skiver, so that's covered.
    Can you recommend a good place to purchase the B-20 blades in bulk?
  4. Terry

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    I search around the net.
    Last 200 B-20 blades I acquired was from eBay, a seller in Japan I think.

    But you have to be careful there.

  5. Edison Carter

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    Accutec in Virginia is the US operation making Personna brand injector blades as well as others.

    They make numerous "industrial" blades of multiple configurations that are also used for shaving including injector style.

    Industrial blades are not the same as those for shaving.

    Shaving blades are cleaned of machining lubes an have coatings applied and baked on for shaving.

    There is the possibility that grinds may differ.

    I have shaved with a AccuTec industrial DE blade. It worked, but I didn't care for it.

    You'd have to evaluate the bulk injectors.
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  7. BBS

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  9. BBS

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    Couple of things on injector blades. Shaving blades will have what is called a 3 facet edge to them. If that is listed in the specs it is usable for shaving.
    As far as blade brands and types it is a small market.

    I get 10 shaves out of almost any injector blade doing 5 pass shaves, some guys get more, some less. If you also shave your head expect to get less shaves out a blade than if you only shaved your face and vice versa. I'd opine that you should get at least 7 good shaves regardless unless the blade is a dud or has a poorly cut edge.

    You have 2 major companies making injector blades that can be used for shaving; 1 is Accutec which makes the Personna and any rebrands of those Personnas, 2 is Edgewell which makes all the Schick branded blades.

    Types of blades

    1. Personna or any rebrands. Basically any injector marketed for shaving that is not Schick will all be the same blade with one exception.

    2. Supply blades. The current ones are supposed to be a custom grind and edge. The older ones were Personna rebrands.

    3. Schick blades. They come in 2 varieties Chinese made, Japanese made.
    a. Chinese Schicks. Those are the standard ones you find for sale in the yellow blister packs on Amazon and such
    b. Japanese Schicks. These come in 3 variaties. You have the standard Japanese Schick injector blades, twin blade and the Proline B-20 blades made for shavettes.

    Personna blades will be the less sharp of the blades. Personnas also usually are the cheapest since Accutec makes them in bulk for the medical industry. The Chinese Schicks are very sharp and harsh for the first few shaves before they mellow out. The standard Japanese ones I haven't used, the twins are super expensive since they can be only sourced out of Japan but last crazy stupid long and super smooth, the Proline B-20s some people swear by them but I find even though they are sharp, they last only about half as long as a Chinese Schick or Personna blade.

    Unopened vintage blades are also viable. The Personna 74 blades are supposed to be really good.

    I think this is one of the best deals for Personna blades stateside.

    That is 60 blades or 600 shaves if you get 10 shaves per blade for $20.00. That is about as cheap as you get for current prices unless you buy like 240 or 1000 packs of these blades from a retailer like razorbladeco.

    You could try tedpella but that price may not include shipping
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  11. Southern Gent

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    Ha! Those are the blades I've been purchasing for my leather skiving tool. I'll keep on buying them and use them in my razor.
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