Burned Out On The Bay...?

Discussion in 'Articles' started by stingraysrock, Nov 8, 2011.

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    "Is Ebay loaded up with people selling second rate goods hoping for first rate prices? Yes"

    Stingraysrock, I totally agree with that statement...

    Example: Good clean DE Razor a year ago sold for $15 on Ebay . Now, that same razor in worse condition will have a starting bid at $25 and selling for much more. What's up with that?

    Sorry, :angry032: just had to vent.... I'm OK now...carry on...... :)
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    Funny, when I saw the title of this thread I thought you were "burned out on the bay" rum. Still, a great read, and I agree with everything everyone has said. I look at the prices going up as a sign that wet shaving is truly here to stay again. Much as I would like to buy my razors cheaply, (and there are still good deals out there, you just have to spend a long time sifting through the clutter) I would rather see a return to wet shaving by the masses, than see the prices go down. 5 years ago, there were few options for the wet shaver in America. Tons of old razors, but few soaps, creams, brushes and blades. Now virtually every wet shave product in the world (the good ones anyway) are available from not one but several vendors. With the renewed interest has come a blossoming of new products aimed at an affluent (compared with most 3rd world countries) class of wet shavers. I got a little off topic there, but the bay is still my go to for feather blades. Cheaper there than anywhere else.
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    I have had two bad experiences in the last two months...once as a seller, and once as a buyer. As a seller, I got burned. I had sold a BC Rich Splatted Maple Top Bass that was damaged during shipping. Being that I have only old three items in 12 years, their policy is now to hold the money.

    Although I had the UPS store pack and ship the bass, I was held liable for the damage caused by improper handling.

    As a buyer I had one seller who never sent the product but sent me two invalid tracking numbers. That case should be resolved by this Wednesday, so we will see.

    As a buyer I will continue to use the 'bay, but never again as a seller.
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    I have been buying and selling (on and off selling) for years on ebay (216 feedback score[Teal Star]). I am not a BULK transaction kind of guy, just bits and pieces as required. I RELY on ebay for my new Shaving Addiction (Due to living in rural Australia) as well as some excellent online businesses. I always look at it like this ..... I always do the right thing for others, so if I go to my grave I can lay still and not roll over in shame. I expect others will demonstrate their moral worth in their own way, THAT BIT is not my deal.
    I have had a couple of small items go belly up for a variety of reasons and One Unpleasant person who never supplied the goods I paid for (I don't think the thing he sold was his to sell) left ME bad feedback. I am proud of my 100% because that's what I try to give at all times. 95% of dealings I have had have been very positive and SOME of these have even restored my faith in human kind when some people have gone out of their way to help me, even though they don't know me, they liked the way I dealt with them so they "returned the favour".
    I am tending to go looking for reputable online sources to buy from directly these days though. I like the "personal" approach and even begining a kind of friendship since we obviously share an interest.
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    I realize I am way late on this thread but I don't understand why I cant leave feedback less than 5 stars. it is hard to make a good decision when there is not honest reviews of the product. I have noticed that amazon gives people free stuff to write a review of the product so it is a bias opinion. this leads to buyer error because there will be all 5 stars on a product and when I order it I find that the soap/cream is subpar
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    The "ONLY" reason ebay does anything is to benefit ebay, not for the vendors or buyers!!!! Be aware of that and don't strictly rely on ebay reviews to make your decision. Research any item your interested in buying and ask ALOT of questions!! :happy088:
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    ebay creed: Buyer AND Seller, beware!
    Overall, the vast majority of my 15-years of ebay experiences of both buying and selling have been positive—which considering the near-anonymity of online auctions and dealing with the general public, is pretty amazing.
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    I am relatively new to eBay starting only in March of 2013 when I discovered DE razors thanks to THAT commercial, and have been pleased with my experience for the most part. It has been an interesting evolution where I bought any razor that appealed to me only to discover after gaining experience that I may have overpaid for some items in my eagerness. The flip side is that I often often get a great deal when a seller doesn't know what they have. Now though I am much more choosey and make sure I look at the whole picture including shipping costs, which are often inflated, to help determine whether it is worthwhile to buy a product. I agree with those that say that the cost of items, especially razors have increased dramatically bt as my tastes have evolved and I am finding that other items like vintage brushes and mugs can still be bought for what I consider a fair price relative to antique stores around me are charging for similar goods. Now saying that I also have more enjoyment finding things in the wild because you can find out more of an items history and negotiate the price with the seller which is not as easy on eBay. Because of this fact, I now use ebay as more of a tool to see what is possible to find when I am looking. It has been invaluable to see the many colors, shapes, styled and manufacturers of shaving and other goods that allow me to be a more informed buyer when I look. I will stay with eBay for that reason. How better to be an informed collector when you have a sense of how irens are trending so the buying process is more fair for all involved. As for feedback, I leave it for everything I buy regardless. I really don't care if the seller does, but most do. My 277 feedback score after a bit over ayear is testament to that.
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    Yeah what he said.
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    I've been a registered buying and selling on Ebay since 2004 with hundreds of sales and purchases with 100% feedback score, but be warned and use your common sense ask plenty of questions if the seller as nothing to hide they will be more than happy to give you as much information as you want, and always use paypal + always try and send your sales off with a recorded signed for delivery that's my advice.
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    I am also a long time ( I started with ebay when Yahoo quit & ebay started) user of ebay with 100% feedback and only one purchase that was not as described. The seller in that case refused to refund so Ebay locked up his paypal funds and sent me a refund. I will continue to use ebay as I have made some fantastic buys on there. You have to be very careful. Now that enay & paypal are parting company I don't know what will happen

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