But what are you using to listen to it?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by J_Man, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. J_Man

    J_Man Well-Known Member

    Since we have a thread about what everyone is listening to tonight...Well, I just couldn't help but ask the question. I just love audio equipment and own lots of it.

    I guess you can call me an analog kinda guy, seeing as how my preference leans towards the older 70's to early 90's 2 channel gear and of course no system is complete without a pair of large floor standing speakers.

    As for me I am listening on my late 70's kenwood kr-9600 into a pair of 3 way kenwood tower speakers from the same era [dont feel like getting up to check model #] all shamefully being fed by an echo dot.

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  2. Leo501

    Leo501 Well-Known Member

    From the 1990's, Sony receiver, dual cassette deck, and 5 disc CD player, Denon turntable (1980s). Sadly nothing is hooked up since my Polk Audio 3-way floor speakers were destroyed in a basement flood about 8 years ago and I never replaced them. All my cassettes, including many homemade/live radio recordings, were also destroyed in the flood. All my vinyl is safe.

    These days it's a Kindle Fire HD tablet with bluetooth speakers and an old school Sony boom box with CD & cassette. I mostly use Amazon Prime and Youtube for music, and the boom box for my CD collection.
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  3. Terry

    Terry Tool Admirer

    I normally listen with a Drake R8B.
    Haven't had the time recently, but when I get a few hours.
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  4. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Mine .....
    Sony STR-6040 AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1969)

    Garrard Type A70 Turntable (1964)
    Garrard Synchro-Lab 75 Turntable (1968)
    Sony SS 485 Speakers (1971)

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  5. J_Man

    J_Man Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy hearing from those who appreciate the older equipment.

    I just dont find a lot of the newer stuff to sound quite as good.

    Don't get me wrong there is still some nice stuff being made, but you will definately have to pay a high price for it.

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  6. brit

    brit in a box

    technics pro series pre and amp,eq,receiver,cassette.with newer technics single cd player,wharfedale mach 7 speakers.sadly all this is in storage due to a move and an amp issue.one day i will rock the house again..known as the music man in my old apartment block..all bought second hand in the early 90s when it was abundant and cd's were new.in the 80s i had vinyl but sold it all..:)
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  7. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    I had hundreds of cd but got rid them ..... prefer the sound and experience of LPs

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  8. J_Man

    J_Man Well-Known Member

    I have hundreds of cd's and listen to them often, but it does become challenging finding a car stereo with a cd player...pickings are getting slim.

    I also have 8-tracks & reel to reel tape that I still listen to, but never been a fan of lp's

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  9. brit

    brit in a box

    i do and did,now not bothered..i liked music clear and loud..now the ears aren't what the used to be..mp3 and bose earphones fit the bill when beers are flowing..not an audiophile any more hence the system in storage.i sold my tube amp and turntable/lp's in the eighties.funded the hotrod adventure.no regrets.
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  10. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    I use an old Mac-mini as my server with most of files in HD lossless formats. It connects to a Schiit Gungnir DAC which feeds at KT88 based vacuum amp and I have a big pair of Harbeth speakers.

    I have two smaller vacuum amps in my bedroom and back living room. I stream to them via wire.
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  11. J_Man

    J_Man Well-Known Member

    From what I've heard those DAC's are a great bargain for the performance..but the name needs some work.

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  12. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    I have not owned a different brand so I do not have anything to compare it to. I had an the model just below first and the upgraded to the Gungnir. My opinion is that the vacuum amp and speakers make a bigger difference than the DAC. But I am not an expert.

    I am very happy with the set up.
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  13. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    You guys impress me. Here I am listening to Amazon Music on my laptop or smartphone and thinking I'm "moving on up", but after reading this, I'll sit over here in the corner and keep the fire going for my smoke signals!

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  14. jmudrick

    jmudrick Well-Known Member

    Always a work in progress...

    Qobuz Studio subscription and 400GB FLAC on two Micro SD cards, one lives in my LG V30 smartphone with its terrific Quad DAC. I listen using HE-4XX headphones or BLON-03 IEMs. The living room system consists of (powered) Kali IN-8 speakers with two JBL subs, RME DAC, mostly using Audirvana through server on old Thinkpad.

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  15. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    Mostly, we listen through a Bose Wave unit.
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  16. J_Man

    J_Man Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of the first generation Wave radios and despite what some may say, they do actually sound pretty good and are great when you don't want, or have room for a large system.

    My dislike about Bose is that anything bearing the Bose name carries a ridiculous price tag.

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  17. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    They are pricey, or would be, if I had bought it. Mom had 2; one for her New Jersey home and one for Florida. When she gave up the Florida home, she gave us this one.
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  18. J_Man

    J_Man Well-Known Member

    Yeah I picked mine up in a thrift store a few years back--both like new $5.00 each.

    You would be amazed at some of the audio equipment I have found in thrift stores for almost nothing...High-end vintage that goes for almost $1,000 on Ebay for $15 - $20 dollars at the Goodwill.

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  19. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Paperboy

    Article Team
    Oticon OPN. Bluetooth streaming direct to the hearing aids.
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  20. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    I use Audirvarna except when I stream to other rooms then I use iTunes.

    When I go on vacation I use a Sony ZX-300 HD player, on the plane I use noise canceling head phones and then during the vacation I use a Marshall speaker.
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