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    So. I haven’t decided the knot, the type of bristle / hair, but I’ve already decided what handle I want. I’m in the market for two brushes. One more to get me to 6 brushes & the other to replace my Vanderhagen boar when it decides to quit which is soon.

    I’m after a butterscotch handle- I love the look & there it is. My next brush will have a butterscotch handle.

    If you could have ANY butterscotch brush- still in production (not discontinued) Which would you recommend? I’ve already checked out some, but there’s always plenty I know nothing about- that’s where I’d love insight. There’s gotta be other people that love butterscotch handles, I don’t have one and I can’t help but admire them. It would most likely be a boar brush. But if the handle is awesome, I’d get over it....:D
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    Check the US ebay vendor who imports Zeniths. He has a nice boar in butterscotch 28x57mm. These are terrific brushes. zenith boar.jpg
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    I'm partial to beehive brushes

    So here is a Thater from Bullgoose


    With a fan two banded badger


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    Now that’s a thing of beauty-
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    Now that’s beautiful.....awesome shape!
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    No price limit? I'd build my own:

    I'm a fan of the look of butterscotch handles. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but all vintage butterscotch handles were originally a white/cream color, similar to ivory. Butterscotch is just age and UV light exposure darkening.

    Modern butterscotches of course, already come in the butterscotch color, and modern white/cream handles have UV inhibitors added to prevent or reduce color changes due to age.
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    I was not aware of that- I even worked in a food grade plastic producing plant once upon a time too- but they kept recipe stuff a secret- they just told us ratios and told us to make however many tons- that is interesting! Plastic that ages- kinda like a meerschaum pipe!
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