Carbide Mike is in the hospital

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by PLANofMAN, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Same here. No word...
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  2. jimjo1031

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    A little news about Mike. He's up and walking around with the help of a walker. Still taking some drugs, but much better and he did have his Chinese food and pizza. Doesn't seem he will have any permanent issues, just being slow and sleeps a lot and he's joking around some with people. Seems like his spirits are high. He'll just need time to fully recover.
  3. TobyC

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    Very cool! :happy096:
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  5. PLANofMAN

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    Most excellent!! :)
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  6. Eeyore

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    Thank you for the update!
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  7. Enrico

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    Yes! Thank you very much Jim for the update!
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  8. Jayaruh

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    Thanks, Jim. I have had no response to my inquiries. I've been praying for that boy. He had a birthday earlier this month.
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    Excellent news!
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  10. RetLEO-07

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  11. SharptoothC

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    Thanks for sharing. Really glad to hear this.

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  12. BigMike

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    Oddly, my father in law was recently hospitalized with brain fungus just like this. It took months but he has since made a full recovery. My wife was concerned that.his personality had changed as a result, but eventually this too returned to normal.
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  13. BigMike

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    To follow up, let me start by noting that I can't say that these were identical cases, but they certainly sound very similar. In my father in law's situation, the agent was a common fungus found in soil and bird feces which routinely is responible for lung infections.where most of us simply feel something like a common cold. In rare cases it spreads to the kidneys, but only in people with comprimised immune systems does it infect the brain. In my father in law's case this, the kidney infection was misdiagnosed and doctors prescribed immuno suppressant drugs that led to the brain disease. In this form it is difficult to diagnose and difficult to cure.
    Symptoms were a loss of appetite and dislike for the taste of food, lethargy, severe and persistant head ache, leading to a deep sleep boardering on unconciousness.
    In recovering, my father in law needed live in assistance. He was in a wheelchair for several months but could walk short distances with a walker. His personality was suppressed and he was sullen and irritable. Full recovery took nearly a year, but I am pleased to report he is now walking on his own and his personality has returned to him.
  14. poppi

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    Good to hear about positive progress. Keep praying folks, it really helps
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  15. Jayaruh

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    After a long silence, I emailed Mikes email addresses that I had and got back a reply from Mike. He keyed it in himself. Recovery is slow, but he is coming along. He appreciates everyone's prayers and support. His voice is very weak, but he said he will try to call me sometime this week. I will keep you posted if he does.
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  16. jimjo1031

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    Had pretty much the same from Mike as did @Jayaruh. He really can't talk much and is in therapy.
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  17. poppi

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    Still good new though. Progress is always positive. Let's keep up the prayers folks.
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  18. Eeyore

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    Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope Mike will make a full recovery soon!

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  19. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    From what I understand from past reports, he will have a full recovery. Just going to take some time for it to happen.
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  20. sdguero

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    I'm glad to hear it!
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