Celluloid Rot

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by gssixgun, Apr 5, 2021.

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    Want to learn a little about restoration

    This is a A Witte Gold Bug out of NY
    Look at the rust pattern in the first pic
    Classic Cell Rot,,, but the scales look fine :confused:


    Look closer on the second pic at the Wedge, that is what is producing the off gassing
    The Wedge has Cell Rot

    Note: Look at the difference of how the Wedge pin looks compared to the Pivot pin in the two pics


    You can get a quick assessment by using a DE to slice off the rust


    I might be able to pull this out of the grave
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    Go Glen Go!
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  3. DaltonGang

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    You are tossing the scales, aren't you??
    That, and a little reshape of the toe, and it looks like it will be fine. Depending on the depth of the pitting, in the middle of the blade. I had one a lot worse than that, and it looked like it had Acne Scars when I was finished. The blade was thin to begin with, and I didnt want to sand a hole in it.
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  4. Enrico

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    I've also seen cell rot in shaving brushes.

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  5. ischiapp

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    I'd like to see.
    Pics or links?
  6. Enrico

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    Unfortunately it was about a year ago and I no longer have the pictures. It was an Owl Drug Store shaving brush the top was cream color and the base was a translucent green.

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