Cepillo Jabalí Cholula Revisited

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    Back in May I made this brush using a lid from a Cholula hot sauce bottle and boar bristles from an old Made-Rite brush I was restoring. I added the O-ring to give it character. I called it:
    Cepillo Jabalí Cholula (Cholula Boar Brush)

    cepillo_ jabalí_Cholula_02s.jpg
    I was at Denny's yesterday, and when I got the Cholula, the wooden cap had separated from the plastic insert. That gave me an idea. I cleaned it up, sanded it down, and painted it red. I then epoxied it to the bottom of the little brush and doubled the size of the handle.
    cepillo_ jabalí_Cholula_07s.jpg
    The hole is the size of a dime, so I plugged it with a dime. The picture is just a fitting. I will finish it off later. I believe I will get me a new boar knot from TGN. A dime is 18mm, so I will get me an 18mm boar knot. It should work well.
    cepillo_ jabalí_Cholula_08s.jpg
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    Wow! That's nice! Creative!
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