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    The Personna EasyFit 3 blade razor is available in the US and at least one place in the UK, and it is a good alternative to the stock M3 handle. I paid $5.72 for the Equate branded version which included 2 Hydro 3 cartridges.

    The handle is larger than the stock M3 and the colors lend itself to go well with the standard or Turbo carts. The rubberized grip assures a good grip even when wet and soapy. It comes with a razor stand and a nice sliding cartridge holder. Yes Gillette you have cheapened out over the years and you don't include that with your new Mach 3 handles.


    One caveat is that the handle was designed not to be backward compatible with Gillette carts. There are shoulders on the male connection located on both sides near the base. The photo below will show the factory configuration on the left and the right shows it filed down.
    Filing took maybe a minute with my girlfriends nail file.

    I could live without the 3 emblazoned on the handle, but you can't go wrong for the price.

    FYI with the M3 adapter removed from the cart, it fits perfectly on a Hydro handle.
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    EasyFit 3 carts are available in Tesco, Asda and Wilko. The handles are available in Tesco.
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    I have a PIF for a 3 blade cart that says MS 3 w/a lot of carts to go with it. I don`t know anything about cartridge razors, so please excuse my ignorance, if you want to play with it, it is free to anyone who wants it, just go to `Freebies` and say I`m in. I was curious and it was real cheap. God Bless, Bill

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