Cigar Today, Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Aedan382, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    El Rey Del Mundo

    This has been lurking in my Humidor Chest, for 12-13 years. Still as good as ever. Fantastic smoke. Just sitting around, fine tuning the smoker(with 2 pork roast on it), having a beer, a smoke, and relaxing.

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  2. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    I have been smoking Thompson Cigar house brands from a DR Churchill sampler. Nothing special. I also picked up some Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduros...these rock.
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  3. GatorJoe

    GatorJoe Well-Known Member

    I’ve been smoking Factory Smokes maduro Churchills by Drew Estates lately. Under $2 per cigar and flavorful.
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  4. SharptoothC

    SharptoothC I bite..........

    Leaf by Oscar has been my choice of late when I can get them.

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  5. americanshamrock

    americanshamrock Let's Make a Deal! Staff Member

    Dark and stormy day calls for a maduro.
    Aurora Preferidos No. 1 Maduro
  6. AGHisBBS

    AGHisBBS Well-Known Member

    Nice clippers!
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  7. americanshamrock

    americanshamrock Let's Make a Deal! Staff Member

    Thanks. Work well and were relatively inexpensive. Cannot link to live auction but can PM you info if you so desire.
  8. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

    I would love a cigar tbh.


    My lungs? Not so much :(
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  9. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    Kinda new to cigars. This one is a chocolatey coffee thing. Smooth and thick but strong. I got a little woozy and didn't inhale any.

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  10. SharptoothC

    SharptoothC I bite..........

    My Father Cigars Flor De Las Antillas. My other favorite. Medium body and very smooth.

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  11. americanshamrock

    americanshamrock Let's Make a Deal! Staff Member

    Halloween cigar
    CAO Nicaraugua Matagalpa. Not your archetypical Nicaraguan but surprisingly good. Really starting to enjoy the corona gorda size.
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  12. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    I too like the looks of that cutter. PM the info to me as well, if you would be so kind?

  13. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    While we're on the subject of cutters, I'd like to know if any of you cigar afficianados have used a "punch" instead of a guillitone style cutter? And, if so how'd it work for you? My cigar of choice lately runs mostly to the small Partagas Black Prontos.

    I keep a tin of them in my humidor with cigars that have been in there for some length of time and I always go back to them. Available time, place, etc....... My guillitone cutter "works" but I've found that using the tip of my pocket knife inserted a quarter of an inch, removed and turned 90 degrees, and reinserted in an "X" pattern, works better. I wonder if a "punch" would work well on a small cigar like the Pronto?
  14. americanshamrock

    americanshamrock Let's Make a Deal! Staff Member

    PM inbound.
  15. kjbarth

    kjbarth Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I'm not a cigar smoker and I wouldn't know a good cigar from a tube of sawdust (well, I guess I probably would). I'd like to get some good cigars for Christmas day for some of my relatives visiting for the holiday as a bit of a surprise (so I'm not asking them for advice). Can I get some recommendations? I think I'd like to get Cuban Montecristo #3. Why? I'd like to try some Cuban cigars if I can and it might be a treat for my relatives. Bad idea??? Any better ideas? Recommendations on where to buy online Cuban's (if that's a good option) or should I look locally?? I'd look for non-Cuban's locally.
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  16. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    Legit Cubans might be hard to come across if you're in the US. If you're not, or have easy access to say Canada, you can probably score some, or used to could. Had a friend bring some back from there.

    There are some online sources for so-called counterfeit Cubans here in the States.

    One is JR's. They have a very large stock of all types. A lot of brands that, they say, used to be Cuban but are now made in Nicaragua, etc. They have a line of their own called "JR's" of different styles. They're usually good for a good price.

    Their link:

    Another is Thompson's:

    There are other sites. I "Googled" "online cigar sales sites" and got back a decent size list. As well, I Googled "online Cuban cigar sales" and got back some. According to a dropdown menu on the search results, it's not illegal now for US citizens to bring back Cuban cigars for personal use, but it is illegal for US citizens to try to sell them. ??

    Good luck and enjoy whatever you get.
  17. kjbarth

    kjbarth Well-Known Member


    - Ken
  18. kjbarth

    kjbarth Well-Known Member

    Inbound from Small Batch Cigars:
    $50 5 cigar sampler
    Beginner sampler 5 cigars
    CroMagnon Aquitaine Cranium 5 cigars
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  19. Preacher

    Preacher Well-Known Member

    Enjoyed a Nat Sherman Metropolitan with my coffee this morning.
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  20. CrustyCat

    CrustyCat Well-Known Member

    I ordered six baccarat cigars and instead I received a case of brick House sampler boxes, pretty good deal if I say so myself.

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