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    Marketplace: Classifieds Rules

    Welcome to the Classifieds. Please take the time to review the following rules before posting items for sale or trade in this forum.


    The Classifieds (and related forums) are provided as a service for established members of our community to buy, sell, and trade personal items in a friendly and civil atmosphere. Please keep this ethos in mind when undertaking transactions with your fellow members.


    1. Posts in the Classifieds forum are restricted to the originating poster. Please direct questions and comments to the seller/trader via private conversation.
    2. Members must have at least 50 posts to their credit and have been a member for a minimum of 3 months before they are qualified to sell or trade.
      • The Classifieds forum is for FOR SALE or FOR TRADE threads only and these rules apply to both sales and trades.
      • "Want to buy" threads should be posted in the Want To Buy forum. There are no time or post count limits for "Want to Buy" threads.
      • Giveaways or free items should be posted in the Freebies forum. There are no time or post count rules for free items.
    3. To continue to make use of the Classifieds, members must be active with quality posts throughout the forum ("active" defined as having posted quality posts within the last 3 months; "quality posts" defined as interaction with fellow TSD members throughout the forum). For those members who do not wish to regularly contribute to the forums via quality posts, we suggest making use of eBay or other similar web site as they also have protections built in for the buyer and seller.
    4. Posts in the Classifieds are limited to one post per member every 30 days. Multiple items per post are permitted.
    5. Editing original posts to add additional items is not permitted. Such edits are visible to moderators and will be deleted.
    6. Fully disclose, in the written item description, all aspects of your item's condition and appearance likely to influence its intended usage and/or market value. This includes superficial and/or aesthetic issues.
    7. Photographs of the items are encouraged. If posting photos, please ensure the photos are of the actual item(s) for sale, and not stock photos from a website or similar.
    8. PayPal payments must be conducted as a goods or services transaction. Do not post ads requesting PayPal via personal money transfer.
    9. An asking price/trade value must be stated. "Make offer"-only listings aren't allowed.
    10. Non-shaving related items are permissible as long as the seller is not here to abuse this forum and profit from other members.
    11. This forum is not intended to be used as an auction board. Do not post links to on-line auction sites such as eBay etc. in your classifieds posts.
    12. Sellers who are here to list items for financial profit are asked to utilize the Vendors Corner forum. Note that the Vendor's Corner forum has its own specific rules - see the sticky in that forum for details.

    13. Group purchases between members may be freely conducted on this forum. Group purchases are the responsibility of the organizer, not The Shave Den (unless explicitly stated as such by the moderation team). All queries, disputes, and related questions should be directed to the group purchase organizer in the first instance.
    14. The owners of TSD and the moderation team do not take any responsibility for, or guarantee the outcome of, any member to member transactions. All sales and trades done on this forum are done at your own risk. If you have concerns or need assistance please contact a member of the moderation team directly and we will make every effort to address these on a case by case basis.
    15. When a sale or trade has been completed, please send any staff member a private message and the thread will be updated and locked.
    Please remember that the ability to post items in the Classifieds is a privilege, not a right. The moderation team reserves the right to disallow posts from, and/or take further action against, users whom we feel are abusing this privilege.

    Thank you for taking the time to review these rules.
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    All members should please note the update to the Classifieds rules, specifically rule number 3. Thanks for your help in making sure the rules are followed.
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    The Mod Team has had been receiving an unusual number of requests from members lately asking to be allowed to bypass or skirt some of these rules, these rules were put into place to protect our members as best we could, and they are applied the same to all members, irregardless of length of membership or post count.

    So if for whatever reason you do not meet the requirements of the rules set forth above, don't ask if we can make exceptions for you, the simple rule of thumb is: "No exceptions to the rules"

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