Clerk reacts to my AV.

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by Laird, Jan 5, 2019.

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    I didn't read the post, but I have never been a fan of AV. Smells like crap. :)
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    Having been a cyclist for the last 30+ years, I have had people deliberately hit me. I have had bottles and cans thrown at me. I have even been hit by a half eaten pork chop. The greatest thing I have done was wear a gopro camera which ended in convictions for a couple of the people. I stay on the side of the road, mind my own business, and enjoy riding. I also drive a car and pay all my taxes as well.
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    I remember buying a vile of imitation fart scent when I was a teen and watching people react to it in public.

    The wide range of reactions to the stuff was pretty funny at the time. Now that I'm older and I can look back and see how juvenile and unsophisticated my actions were I've come to the conclusions that :

    a) Everyone has bad days and can react inappropriately to things.
    b) I really don't have to waste money on that scent anymore since nature seems to provide it in abundance for me.

  5. battle.munky

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    I've been riding for about a decade myself. It's just something I've never understood the anti-bike hate. It's tantamount to being anti-pedestrian. "Well shouldn't have been walking where I want to drive."
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    I think the perception or actuality of someone getting something for nothing offends some folks for some strange reason. Some days you win and some you lose. I do get pissed at bikers when they slow me down but I understand my being in a hurry is not their fault. Neither is the fact our roads haven't been traditionally designed with them in mind.
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  7. John Beeman

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    I resisted bringing that up because there are so many AV lovers I was afraid I might offend somebody. The other one that smells like crap is Mennen Skin Bracer.
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    bike lanes up here are helping in city areas.
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    i like and use both once in a while..not offended at each his own...i also slam williams from time to time and i own 5+ must be meh when one needs to defend shaving products like loved ones..
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    i think more people would get along a lot better if ones choices were respected and not judged..if you don t like the music ,change the channel..hope i haven t offended anyone..
  11. BigMark83

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    That's because it has. I tolerate others until they show their intolerance. I say screw it, be who you are.
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    This post made me feel a bunch of different things regarding the clerk.
    I'm sure the store has no choice but to make an accommodation if she has a sensitivity to the scent.

    I am a restaurant manager and had an employee that had an issue like this and would act the same way about the cleaning products we used, so HR asked me to change the cleaning product to accommodate her sensitivity.

    She couldn't tolerate the new product either.
    I always suspected that she just didn't want to clean and was smart enough to work the system. The reason why I felt this way was because she wanted special accommodations for all kinds of things and she was very lazy. It seemed like anything she felt she could get out of by creating an issue, she would at least try.
    Always bringing as much drama with it as possible.
    It would infuriate me because I was fairly certain that her only real issue was laziness.

    Where I disagree with many of the posts here is that I see myself as considerate of other people and whatever it is they have going on.

    I really think the the world is becoming a more tolerant place, and that is a really cool thing in my opinion.

    If the cashier in the OP were more like that she could say that "maybe this job isn't for me" and go find something that doesn't make her feel that way instead of inconveniencing her manager/coworkers and making the customer feel uncomfortable like they did something offensive every time she smells something.

    Or maybe she's newly pregnant and this scent issue is temporary.

    What I'm saying is that everyone could be just a little more mindful of others and their things/issues.
    Unless they are just taking advantage. And if they are than they are just plain evil and don't deserve my consideration.

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  13. Paul Turner

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    I'd have to suggest it's a little hard to be mindful of an issue like hers-I mean, we wouldn't know the issue until she makes her stand known, right? We can't read minds.
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  14. battle.munky

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    I'd rather default to being the compassionate one and be wrong than take the staunch side and be wrong. What makes less suffering, me being compassionate to a potential grifter or me being a hardass to someone with a legitimate thing? I'll wipe that egg off my face every single time.
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    I live in CA were the bike riders will ride 4 deep into the road and give you the finger when you go by them, this is with a bike lane that none of them are utilizing, and im driving an ambulance with my emergency lights on responding to a heart attack. And it happens frequently. Out here they demand you share the road but refuse to share it with cars. We had a guy awhile back trying to pass a law that would put a yearly tax on bikes to help repair roads since auto's pay with gas and registrations. The issue is definately a one way street here.
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  16. wchnu

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    GAWD.....that was a beautiful rant. I took notes. I also agree with most of it.
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