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Discussion in 'Skincare Reviews' started by lamontqsanford, Dec 25, 2008.

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    Per a recommendation from another member I purchased a bottle of this. Most of my shaving life I have had some red spots on the left side of my lower neck. They come and go but were usually there. Even after switching to DE shaving they still came and went. They weren't ingrown hairs but just red spots/bumps. I picked up a bottle of this and it eliminated them.

    The bottle says it unclogs pores, heals irriation and eases bumps. I would have to agree, it definately works and works well. I still get the spots, they must be from shaving, but after applying this they go away. This stuff also works well just as an aftershave itself. It must have high alcohol content because it stings when applied.

    As with most other online purchases this stuff starts at a great price of $6.99 but shipping makes it expensive. If you can get other shaving supplies with the order it makes it better.

    Good stuff.

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