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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by gorgo2, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. gorgo2

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    I've had this the back of my mind for a while but never noticed anything on the shelves until today at Publix. There were two brands of European grain-based coffee substitutes - three, actually, but the most popular was on sale and sold out. I bought a canister of Pero. Wasn't expecting much but got home, follow the directions isn't bad at all. Except for no body/mouthfeel, it definitely resembles coffee, instant if more than brewed. Quite tasty for synthetic java. The gluten content is so slight I'm not worried about that. Nice stuff I can drink in the evening.

    Anyone more familiar with these products? Any recommendations?
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  2. steve207

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    Yes i am i thought they were pretty good stuff but you can make you own as well just look on YouTube
  3. PLANofMAN

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    Coffee is already gluten free, and comes in decaf? Is this to save money or what?
  4. gorgo2

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    Just trying something different.
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  5. stingraysrock

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  6. gorgo2

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    They still make it?
  7. poppi

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    Yup, Different varities as well
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  8. gorgo2

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    Beer. Preferably a dark ale, not too bitter, between 8% and 10% ABV. It's like my daily quad shot cappuccino, but makes me happier. One glass gets my day off to a fine start. One at lunch keeps it going. One at supper to maintain the happiness and one before bed for a night of peaceful slumber and full bladder waking me up nice and early in the morning to start it all over again. SWMBO makes me drink the cappuccino in the morning but I don't say anything when we start getting low on milk and I make ugly faces when she pushes straight espresso on me, and when I point to the beer tap over my tortillas, eggs, grits, and bacon, she knows what to do.
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    Found one place locally with Postum, but not for $9.99 a small jar. Pass.
  11. gorgo2

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    That is indeed a coffee substitute.
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  12. richgem

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    The only thing worse than a coffee substitute drinker is ... a tea drinker. :D:scared007:

    (FTR, my coffee substitute is called "decaf.")
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  13. gorgo2

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    Going to take a couple days off of this stuff. I really like the taste but my nose has been congested. Could be coincidence but I do have a sensitivity to wheat...if I have too much, I sneeze. Hope I don't have to ditch the stuff.

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