Contemporary/Modern Style Scuttles ?

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  1. Does anyone make these? I am not into the old world style that I have seen. I might purchase and use a scuttle if it had a twist on the current offerings.
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    Above is a picture of my scuttle Robert Becker made for me (custom colours of my favorite football team) hot water goes in the spout on the left hand side to keep the lather warm, pos the cheapest scuttle you can buy. but very good:)
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    I have one of his as well.

    Scuttle TSD.jpg

    This is with my old camera so I am sorry it is a little fuzzy. He also made a shaving caddy to match.
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    The most modern looking scuttle from a reputable long established maker are the Schwarzweisskeramik (black and white) scuttles of Germany. You can check out the website to see the brand line.
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    I've made a couple scuttles in my day... & I must say, they are quite lathertastic. Here are a few styles I've played around with:



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    Don't forget this one bro!

    It's a fatty! Can't wait till its fired.

    Wait! Don't forget this one!;)

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