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    i am the same that way.the daily beater on the left and the shiny one .. 20190608_103219.jpg
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    Here are all 5 unique Cooper razors I know of that they made. They made some of these with different finishes like the open comb or different style handle like the Monobilt which came in 2 distinct handle styles but those differences don't make them unique from a shave standpoint.


    Left to right, top to bottom
    dates are approximate based upon newspaper advertisements and open to revision

    T1 Cooper 3pc open comb - 1932 to about 1943/44
    T2 Cooper Monobilt - 1937 until 1942/43
    T3 Cooper 3pc safety guard - made/sold from 1943/44 until 1950/51
    B1 Kant Rust 3pc - 1943/44 until 1948 possibly later
    B2 Kant Rust 3pc adjustable - 1946 until ?

    More pictures
    coop5b.jpg coop5c.jpg
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    There is a white plastic 3 piece Cooper as well.

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  4. BBS

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    That one is most likely a Sweedo. That handle style only shows up on Sweedo razors. Unless information which I am not aware of shows otherwise, handles without knurling and a straight line pattern above the nut are Sweedos and ones with the knurling above the nut are Coopers.
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    Here is the Sweedo and the style of handle.

    See the handle, unless there is documentation showing that any Cooper razor used that particular styling of handle then I'll change my stance on that plastic razor being a Sweedo and not a Cooper.
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    There was a large BIN listing of these sold on eBay last year. Several of us here bought them. They were NOS in box. Here is a link to the listing and some of the photos from it. I can take pics of mine after work but it is the same.

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    Then that settles that. It is a Cooper then. Packaging works for provenance purposes here. If I knew that I'd have called it a Cooper from the get go. Now I need to get one to complete the collection at some point. Anyone have an extra they want to sell?
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    It's a cool little razor to have in the collection. Unfortunately it's mild to the point of being ineffective for me. I may try it with a shim or two to see if that makes a difference.

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    First shave with the first Cooper variation. Picture shows the modified blade. I used a dremel like tool with one of those cone shaped grinding stones to open up the center. This razor even when you do that still has a tendency to not want to load the blade even which is what kept happening when I tried to force the blade onto the cap tightening it down without modifying. The fix is tighten it until until the cap and plate are snug then turn the razor up side down with the handle towards the sink then do the final turns.When it pops and the blade bends to the cap it will stay even then.

    coopa1.jpg coopa2.jpg

    For the shave itself this razor has a good amount of blade feel but is pretty mild. I had a nick and irritation free shave. Closeness of the shave was like that of a Gillette 3pc Tech. It is not a bad razor but I also don't think it is worth the time and effort to modify blades or the cap to use this on a regular basis unless you got to have one or luck out and find one and it is at a price point you are willing to pay above what you could buy a Gillette 3pc Tech for. If you want one for collectible purposes then that is a whole different thing.

    I still think the Monobilt is the best shaver of the bunch and will put that to the test next.
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    Have one, the only way to make it more mild is to remove the blade.
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  11. BBS

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    Monobilt for the next shave in the Cooper collection progression. For the amount of blade feel this razor is fairly mild. I have closer shavers than this razor but not with mild feel like this one. It is definitely a closer shave than the open comb one that you need to modify blades for. Tomorrow I am going to open up adjustment on the knob a little bit to see how that changes the shave since I've never done it before with this razor then on to the Coopersol razor aka the one that most likely has the Conrad made non-floating style Barbasol razor head

    coopb1.jpg coopb2.jpg
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  12. BBS

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    Today's shave with the opened up Cooper was the best shave I've gotten with any Cooper razor thus far. I opened the knob as far as I thought it could go to increase the gap making sure the cap had no spring in it when pushed on. The shave was a lot more audible a bit tuggy on certain passes. It was one of those shaves where you are expecting to get bit but it never happens. Up next for tomorrow is the Coopersol.
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    Here is the Cooper razor close up.
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  14. richdad

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    OMG BBS You shave with barbasol? Do you use any soaps or creams made for de shaving?
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  15. RyX

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    Thanks Aaron! That one actually says Cooper. The piece I was looking at was ZAMAK but had no makers marks. Someone else gave other options on what it might have been. I tried it, found it quite mild, and passed it back to The Traveling Box. It may show up in Round Two if you are interested.

    Mild razors can get their shave from having a very limited correct angle for beard reduction. I prefer efficient/aggressive razors with lots of blade exposure and feel. Be keeping my shoppers eyes open for a "real" Cooper 3pc or a Monobult.
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    I do occasionally, but not straight from the can. I like to shoot a blob into my bowl, punch it down with a brush to remove the propane. add water to juice it up. It's soap!
  17. PLANofMAN

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    I even use barbasol from time to time. Barbasol works pretty well with DE razors.
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  18. jmudrick

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    Why wouldn't it ? I'm not sure how a shave soap would be different made for a DE or not but canned Barbasol dates from 1953 when I don't believe carts were yet a gleam in anybody's eye.


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  19. BBS

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    Finally got to use the razor I've dubbed the Coopersol. Sold by Cooper but has a razor head that is most likely made by Conrad who also made this style of razor head for Barbasol razors. If I had to compare how it shaves and the end result for me this razor is like a Gillette 3pc pre war Tech. The Monobilt is still the best of lot so far but this one is in second place right now. Tomorrow I will be using the 3pc Kant Rust and the final 2 shaves the Kant Rust adjustable on it's min and max settings. I can already say the Monobilt will be the best of the lot but what I want to determine is of the remaining razors how much they differ from each other.

    coopc1.jpg coopc2.jpg
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  20. BBS

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    Kant Rust 3pc. Mild shaver but a lot smoother than the Coopersol. If that one is a pre war tech equivalent this one is a post war tech equivalent. The overall type of shave and results also are roughly equivalent. Either way both are better performers than the open comb 3pc that needs a modified blade.

    coopd1.jpg coopd2.jpg
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