Corona Virus

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    *waves cane feebly*
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    Key points of video (borrowed)...there's more they don't know yet than what they do.
    Worth keeping an eye on.
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    Takeaway: too much they still don't know, but they're not prepared (yet) for this as they are with flu.
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    But this is just starting, and it isn't flu. May not come close to 1918, we hope, but it's way too early to say either way. The experts don't know. Erring on the side of caution is wise.
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    Good news!

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    Another example of the media over doing everything and trying to instill fear.

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    This Virus is going to possibly be deadly, if you are elderly, very young, of have a compromised immune system. The best thing we can hope for is that we have an early warm spring.
    It kind of sucks for those people stuck on that cruise ship in Japan right now, as well as others on quarantined cruise ships. They seem to be are guinea pigs, to see what will happen. From what is reported, the elderly are the ones contracting it.
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    Article Team
    It's not too early to say. The flu of 1918 killed most people who caught it within days, due to rapid filling of the lungs with fluid. This is nowhere near as lethal.

    You are correct. It isn't a flu. It does cause flu-like symptoms, and most people recover after a week of feeling exactly like they had the flu. The steps for preventing infection are the exact same as the ones you would take for the flu.

    It's much easier to just say "it's like a flu." I don't even think it's all that lethal. The problems really only start if you catch the corona virus, then catch pneumonia on top of it because your immune system was weakened by the corona virus.

    I might be wrong, I'm no expert. That's just my layman's view of it.
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    The new numbers out of China this afternoon are disturbing. They have been going down the past 5 days but now China officials admit they had been under-reporting. The latest numbers put us back on my predicted path. image%3A24844.png
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    Lots of reports leaking out of China about people turned away from hospitals and told to go home to recover or die. If they die, reports say they're then unpersoned...cremated without their deaths being recorded, so death rates appear lower than they are.
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    Actually pneumonia is one of the symptoms. Novel Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system and the Ace2 receptors. Good info at

    Dzia Dzia
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    Yeah, those were my thoughts too.
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    Another crack in the communist info firewall, maybe a big one.


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