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    So my Target has been restocking Cremo horse hair brushes, and having a few gift cards and a coupon I decided to pick one up. On the shelf they had two, one in a tan/white box, one in a block box. Both said Cremo. When trying to compare the difference, turns out the tan/white is premium Spanish horse hair made in Spain (Vie Long), and the block box is premium horse hair made in China.

    I opted for the one made in Spain, no comment on the China made one. But if you're thinking of picking one up, pay attention to the fine print and make sure you get what you want.
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  2. ordinaryshaver

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    Im glad to see they are restocking them now.
    I have the Vie-long one and other than letting a complete newbie use it, it has worked well.
    I may have to get a couple more to see if they perform the same way.
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    IMHO, you made the right choice! Vie-Long (Spain) has been making Horse Hair Shave Brushes, for over a 100 years. I have 3, at 3 different price levels and to be honest, there is very little difference between their low priced models and their higher price models. They are all great shave brushes! I understand that the pricing, has a lot to do with where the hair comes from, the tail or the main. I believe the hair from the main, is considered best.
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    You mean this?
    I like this better;
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    Used the Zenith ES2 this morning with Proraso Green Shave Soap this morning for Menthol Monday. Made an absolutely great lather. Rich and creamy. It's a bowl lathering beast like all of Zenith products.
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