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    Are there advantages with DE or SE blade systems that are available to a person thinking about getting into traditional shaving and there is strengths and weaknesses of any blade system. I started out with DE razors and still use them with my ever growing razor collection. Of the blade systems that are available to a Newbie or seasoned shaver are DE , injectors, Gem blades and AC (Feather,Kai,Schick proline SE.) blade systems. DE offers a huge assortment of blade coatings & pricing while SE blade coatings are limited but are still MFG today in various Country's around the globe. SE blades tend to last 30% to 50% longer for decent shaves IMO and are generally more expensive and Gem blades being the best $ per shave value if your buy 100 pcs(bulk). DE blades per shave run around $.02-$.04 cents per shave and Gem Personna blades are about $.02-$.04 cents per shave and the other blade systems are a little pricier IMO. Personna injector blades can bring the price per shave for $.02-$.05 when buying 100 pcs(bulk) and that is awesome for a injector system. Blades for DE are more available and the bulk of shavers world wide use the least expensive systems it seems.
    I find in winter months when it's drier and beards are tougher the SE works the best for my daily shaving needs because of thickness and sharpness of blades. There are still modern MFG's making SE razors and lots of DE MFG's of razors so it's not a problem finding blades for the systems mentioned. I personally have DE & SE razors and just loving it with a lot of vintage razors of both blade systems also.
    Have some great shaves!
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    I have mentioned about lather bowls earlier on this thread , but when winter comes you can heat up a ceramic bowl for warm lather if you want.

    I like to make a different bowl up every once in a while(3rd one) and I believe ceramic is a great choice to use or maybe stainless, copper metals (ceramic retains a lot of heat longer than metals). Every once in a while my wife goes to a thrift store and this time I was with her, I was looking at this bowl and was thinking is it a Fondo or cereal bowl? No it is going to be a new lather bowl so I purchased it back a few months ago for $1.00 Can.


    I used Marine JB weld and this stuff is amazing for strength, it takes thermal shock well from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to + 180 degrees Fahrenheit with no coins coming loose. (tested my other similar bowl for over a year.)
    [​IMG] This is all the soap you need to bring on a rich lather in 1- 2 minutes easily at most.
    [​IMG] These are my results almost all the time with these bowls I re-purposed.
    [​IMG] Bonus with a handled ceramic bowl. I pour hot water from the tap with the lather inside over the outside to heat up the lather for those cold winter months. The lather is still warm on the last pass if your curious how long it lasts.(Update- place soap in bowl and then warm up bowl and then create the lather for better results of warm lather, you can reheat when ever also.)
    Just started doing this recently and in about 20-30 seconds of hot tap water over the ceramic creating it nice and warm and so I started to spoil my self in the morning shaves. The lather does not see any of the water it seems and it works very well.(it doesn't get much better with warm lather in winter months IMO.)

    Have some great shaves!
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