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    Blades are cheap. I don't push them until they start to tug. In DE's, I swap blades after three shaves. In a shavette, I'll perform two shaves on each half blade. I have a couple of razors that use Feather Professional SE blades. I get seven shaves out of those blades.
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    I change blades after a week: 5-7 shaves. Although, I do have a blade that has 43 shaves on it presently. I clean and strop it after each shave. I just quit using it. It is boring using the same blade all the time.
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    I can get at least 6 shaves out of an SP, 3 shaves per edge. But I'm not you.

    That comes out to about 60-65 blades/year of daily shaves. So if your shaves are like mine, and you shave daily, that's about a year and a half out of a 100 blade box, or about $6.00-6.50 per year.

    By comparison, 6-8 Mach 3 cartridges would be about $18.00-24.00 from Walgreens or about $15.00-18.00 out of Amazon.
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    Astra Greens are my “go to” blade. I don’t really use anything else anymore. I just started my third 100-pack recently. I shave (3-passes) every day, and I have a heavy Sicilian beard. To keep things simple, I use each blade for 7 days, so I change on the same day each week. I find that if a blade is good on day one, it will still be good on day seven.

    Sometimes the quality varies a bit from blade to blade, but it’s always decent. This week’s blade has been spectacular. Had my seventh shave this morning. Every one was BBS.
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    I ordered 100 of the green this morning. Calabrese/Venetian here
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    I have many different blades in my shave den. I like Wilkinson Sword over all of them but if I can't find any Wilkinson Sword Blades, I use any Astra blades I can find. And as what @Tobin Fetters said I am the same way. If I use my Weber DE Razor or one of my Above the Tie Razors is depending factor as to which razor blade I use. :shaver :happy088: :happy096:
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    What @BamaT is saying is about dead on!
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    I don't want to feel any drag/tug on a shave so I change out after 6 shaves tops. I use the 6 sided die counter trick. I couldn't even imagine getting 15 shaves on a blade- that's a magic trick!
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    If you mean the superior platinum when you talk about the green box, they are my go to blade, and have been for 4 plus years. I get around 6shaves per blade (2 passes per shave). There are sharper blades, and smoother blades, but for me this the THE sweet spot.

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    I saw these on Amazon a few years back for something like $10 for 100 blades. Mixed reviews but I got 'em and had really good shaves with them.
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    Astra Superior Platinum are sharper and quite a good blade the Astra Super Stainless (Blue) are a tad smoother, so less sharp in my opinion. Both are exceptional blades for the money. Get a tuck of each and give them a go. I like both...LOL
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    The Superior Stainless are sharper. You are mistaken in thinking that smoother means less sharp.

    You can find objective measurements here:
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    I have read his reviews and agree with his findings and his justifications. However, when it comes to these two blades in particular I fell the SP to be a bit sharper and the SS to be not so noticibly sharp, so to me smoother. Now it could just be the “platinum coating” on the SP that makes that fell that way to my face. I was actually quite surprised to read the SS was a sharper blade but it doesn’t feel that way to me. Just my 2 cents...
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    Smoother does not mean less sharp. In fact, sharp is one prerequisite for smooth. There are other factors like coatings that have nothing to do with sharpness. Astra SS are sharper AND smoother.
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    now that i shave almost daily, i still use a blade a week,or when they get tuggy,.i use astra sp,gsb, nacet .they seem to hold up well and all feel similar..trying out polsilver,permasharp .wilkinson,voskhod and 7 oclock sharp edge are nice but dull up a little quicker for me..i only use 40s techs and various gillette tto razors..
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  16. Somnos

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    Thanks for your insight.
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    The last time I saw Wilkinson Sword blades was in a local drugstore, but I don't remember if it was a Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS.
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  18. DaveO

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    I just looked on Amazon. They sell the Wilkinson's. About $ 9 for 30. They also sell them by 100 packs.
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    I get all my blades from Razor Blades Club off their own site or eBay. I have never had an issue with their stuff or their prices. Quick and cheap shipping. Honestly, if you need any blade or just want to try any new blades, I wouldn’t hesitate giving them a go.
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    I've quit counting blades in my stockpile and recently have quit counting how many shaves I get from each blade. No one cares and I have so many blades I couldn't use them all up in '3' lifetimes. But I do find most of the blades in my stash are good and sharp and will do the job. To me the soap and the razor are the game changers. ;)
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