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    Blades are cheap. I don't push them until they start to tug. In DE's, I swap blades after three shaves. In a shavette, I'll perform two shaves on each half blade. I have a couple of razors that use Feather Professional SE blades. I get seven shaves out of those blades.
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    I change blades after a week: 5-7 shaves. Although, I do have a blade that has 43 shaves on it presently. I clean and strop it after each shave. I just quit using it. It is boring using the same blade all the time.
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    I can get at least 6 shaves out of an SP, 3 shaves per edge. But I'm not you.

    That comes out to about 60-65 blades/year of daily shaves. So if your shaves are like mine, and you shave daily, that's about a year and a half out of a 100 blade box, or about $6.00-6.50 per year.

    By comparison, 6-8 Mach 3 cartridges would be about $18.00-24.00 from Walgreens or about $15.00-18.00 out of Amazon.
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    Astra Greens are my “go to” blade. I don’t really use anything else anymore. I just started my third 100-pack recently. I shave (3-passes) every day, and I have a heavy Sicilian beard. To keep things simple, I use each blade for 7 days, so I change on the same day each week. I find that if a blade is good on day one, it will still be good on day seven.

    Sometimes the quality varies a bit from blade to blade, but it’s always decent. This week’s blade has been spectacular. Had my seventh shave this morning. Every one was BBS.
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    I ordered 100 of the green this morning. Calabrese/Venetian here
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    I have many different blades in my shave den. I like Wilkinson Sword over all of them but if I can't find any Wilkinson Sword Blades, I use any Astra blades I can find. And as what @Tobin Fetters said I am the same way. If I use my Weber DE Razor or one of my Above the Tie Razors is depending factor as to which razor blade I use. :shaver :happy088: :happy096:
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    What @BamaT is saying is about dead on!
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    I don't want to feel any drag/tug on a shave so I change out after 6 shaves tops. I use the 6 sided die counter trick. I couldn't even imagine getting 15 shaves on a blade- that's a magic trick!
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