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    Just adding a few more items with some old ones. USPS shipping around $3.75 an item. Multiple items, buying and shipping, discount available..............

    1 - Hand carved synthetic shave brush, 19mm, w/stainless ferrule: $12.75
    2 - Hand carved and painted boar shave brush, 21mm: $18.00 (SOLD)
    3 - Vintage Klenzo w/27mm Boar knot, two tiny chips on the handle bottom: $17.75 (SOLD)
    4 - Yankees/Omega 11711 Boar Brush: $13.25
    5 - Aluminum handle brush (weighted) with 17mm badger knot: $9.75
    6 - Aluminum handle brush (weighted) with 17mm synthetic knot: $9.75
    7 - Vintage boar shave brush w/original knot and new paint, English or German: $11.50

    8 - Schick G1 in reconditioned box and reproduction instruction sheet: $15.00
    9 - Gem 1912 with case: $16.50
    10 - Schick E w/30-06 rifle case handle in refinished case. I think this a Type E3 which has been modified to open up, and I didn't do it, although it's a good idea: $20.50 (SOLD)
    11 - Gem Featherweight: $9.00 (SOLD)
    12 - Gem Gold Pushbutton with reproduction instruction sheet: $10.75
    13 - Schick G w/300 Win Mag rifle case handle: $16.50 (SOLD)
    14 - Gillette Super Speed (NDC) with reproduction instruction sheet. Some dings on handle and flea bites on doors: $8.75
    15 - Gillette Red Tip (B4) with reproduction sheet. In very good condition with the tip done in new baked on paint: $35.00 (SOLD)

    Hand carved Flying Tigers tribute synthetic brush, 21mm: $16.50 (SOLD)
    s-l1600 (2).jpg s-l1600 (3).jpg
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