Difference in cheap and expensive soaps

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Hayter, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Between the triple milled vs glycerin it's a matter of how long it lasts?

    If that's the only diff then $30 for a triple milled that last five times longer than a $6 glycerin is a wash.
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    True, but for some of us fronting the $30 in one shot can be difficult at times.
  3. puros_bran

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    Oh I don't debate that.

    Online shopping going off of subjective opinions and usually vague descriptions doesn't help.

    Progress eh.
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    I agree with your bottom line, but as a soapmaker I just want to clear up a common misunderstanding about a soapmaking term. Melt and pour glycerin soap is not the same thing as cold process (not cold pour) soap: melt and pour is a premade base that comes in varying qualities and formulas but is generally a less expensive alternative to making your own soap and is easy to melt, scent and pour a wide variety of scents and have them ready to use immediately. Cold process soap takes longer to make and is made from scratch using the same basic raw materials as triple milled soaps but since it's made in small batches under artisan conditions it retains all of the glycerin that is natural to soap. Triple milled soaps have had part of their glycerin removed in the manufacturing process so that they can be ground up and pressed into cakes without gumming up the rollers of the machinery. Melt and pour glycerin soaps get used up faster than either cold process or triple milled soaps.
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