Do different straight razors shave differently

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Bob1234, Jul 18, 2020.

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    The "Gary Cooper" of TSD.
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    I actually have 4078 posts on TheShaveDen. I started several threads including What Straight did You Use Today. I think I started one on Japanese Razors as well. I haven't posted much in the last 2 years, since I retired from my regular job and do a lot of photography and hiking. I have a beard now and seldom use a straight, except to define the beard. I did shave my head a few times with a straight. I don't recommend it. I also used to post on Shavenook, Straightrazorplace, theshavingroom (UK). I once had 140 straights, plus a lot of double edge and single edge razors, but preferred the feel of a straight shave and the beauty of the straights, especially the Japanese ones. I found some NOS straights in a junk/antique store at the start of my straight journey and I won some on eBay from a NYC grinding shop through a Catholic convent auction. I made contact with a Canadian in Japan to get some of the first Japanese straights and then aframestokyo in Hawaii from Takeshi Aoki. I bought NOS German straights from a Canadian, like Fritz Bracht and Dorko that I love. I love the larger razors 8/8 and 9/8 for the feel and heft of the razor in hand. I watched lots of videos and learned to hone, but have trouble with some wedges, though wedges whisk away the beard like magic. I started a straight razor group here in Durham, North Carolina and had a meetup for a few years. Once we brought Lyn Abrams (SRP), who really brought back straight razor shaving to the internet, to Asheville. I had online conversations with people in England, Belgium, France and Sweden in my search for razors and the history of razors. I now am down to 92 straights. I have three seven day sets, one German (cities)from WWII, one British and one other German set. I liked reading about all the ins and outs of making straights and strops and soaps and brushes. That's about it.
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    Thats a great straight razor resume. Your razors are always top notch lookers.

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    I do believe Scott @DaltonGang was referring to the OP.
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    It was still a good story. :eatdrink013:
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    It worked out, I enjoyed reading your post.
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    Great background story! I've been shaving my head with my straights since the middle of October without any major incidents. I have had a couple nicks in the awkward spot on the back of my head behind my ears, but nothing to stress over. I've actually found it to be much easier than I thought it would be. I have found that most of my blades can't make it throught both beard and head without getting tuggy, but I can either switch razors between them, or with a couple blades, it will work if I do my beard first, since it's much thicker than what's left of my hair. Anyway, as I've said elsewhere, it's kind of like combing your hair very carefully!

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