Do I need Tatara Masamune????

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  1. Who know, What is the difference (OC vs OC) between Masamune nodachi vs Masamune razor except the handle? I am thinking about the third Tatara in SS. What about the balance of a long handle in nodachi? Thanks

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    The Masamune is a sweet shaver. The Nodachi is a very aggressive razor and it took me a while to get it where is did not try and eat me.

    I love the Masamune with an open comb for about two days growth. The solid bar is a great daily driver.
    I put this chart together of the different combinations.

    The Nodachi cap with a Masamune solid bar is an efficient smooth machine.

    I do seem to like the larger diameter of the Nodachi handle.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. COOL! Thank you very much!
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    You are welcome.

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