Does anyone have experience with RazoRock Quick-Change DE?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by S Barnhardt, Dec 1, 2019.

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    RazoRock Quick-Change DE Safety Razor

    Thinking seriously about ordering one of these so I can at least have "something" to venture into the DE world with while I search for that elusive "affordable for me" Gillette FatBoy. Reading the description on the site it sounds like what I need at my present stage of this game. A search of titles here on TSD didn't return anything specific to this razor, so I'm asking if anyone has any thoughts, pro or con, on it? It's not big money, but would like to not go into it "totally blind" so to speak!

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    It's a Weishi style/brand razor, which is probably why you got nothing back in a search. Anyone with experience will identify and refer to it as a Weishi. It's going to be a very mild razor. Other than different door hinge guards, lack of logo, and slightly different knurling, it appears to be a carbon copy of the Mehaz razor. ($20 Amazon)

    I haven't followed ebay prices recently, but you should be able to pick up a black beauty adjustable or slim adjustable for not too much more, provided you are patient, and they will shave very much like a Fatboy.

    There's also this:
    Pretty much a modern production Fatboy.

    Edit: that razorock razor is a good beginner's razor, and one that you will probably outgrow if you get into DE razors. I would recommend starting with a vintage Gillette super speed instead (doesn't matter what year, they all shave pretty much the same). Older ones (1940's) are very slightly more aggressive than newer (1970's) ones.

    The Pheonix Artisan Accoutrements Double Open Comb (DOC) razor is another good DE starter razor. It's very forgiving and an excellent shaver.
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    Thank you Sir! I appreciate your time!
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    I added a bit to my original post. :happy088:
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    I have one or more, I gave some away as presents last year.
    If I remember correctly, very mild.
    Slightly heavier than the weshi long handle.
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