Does anyone use a new DE razor every shave?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by James_P, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. chevyguy

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    That's great that you can get a weeks worth of shaves out of a blade when you shave both your head and face. When I shaved my head I either used a Schick Hydro, or my Braun Series-5 shaver. Always got bbs, with the Braun with no nicks. And my aftershave's never burned when I applied them.


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  2. Bookworm

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    Some of us can get pretty close to this. That's why I decided I needed to spread the wealth. I could go a third of a year without repeating a razor *whistle*.
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  3. jmudrick

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    Coated blades are maximally sharp on second or third use. One and done makes no sense unless sharp is not what you want.

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  4. Razorhound

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    Now that is a razor collection! My wife and some of my in laws think I am a nut job for having around 30.
  5. Razorhound

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    I think he was making a joke about someone thinking he was talking actual razors rather than blades.....I think. But then again being easily confused is in my nature.:shocked029:
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  6. wchnu

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    Love the avatar!!
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  7. Primotenore

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    Article Team
    Correct Jared,
    I am currently about a month into a Personna 74 Tungsten blade. For me this is unheard of. No hand stropping in between shaves. I am going to use it until it doesn't perform anymore. The blade is about as personal as it gets in wet shaving, after all, this is where the "rubber meets the road". If you want to change blades daily, I wouldn't try to talk you out of it.

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