*DONE* TSD 13th Anniversary Raffle

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Queen of Blades, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Trigger

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    Thanks, I wasn't too far off.
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    The reason for 1942 is they are billing them as new schick injectors and not as in we have newly arrived stock but new style of injector new. All the other Type E2 razors can be accounted for by 1941 so the only one left is the E3.
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  3. Trigger

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    I just checked Ebay and someone is selling a 1941 Schick E3. So maybe my estimate was spot on after all.
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  4. brit

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    thank you @Juno .awesome.. 20200227_215125_edited.jpg :)
  5. Juno

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    I just got a Gibbs in the mail!
    Thank you, @BBS
    Now I need to modify some blades this weekend! Any recommendations?
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    Article Team
    ...and he SCORES!
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    Thank you @BBS for donating and being a part of the TSD 13th Anniversary Raffle. The Gibbs arrived and looks great!


    @Juno I put my order in for one of these off ebay; it was recommended by @jmudrick


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  10. BBS

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    If you punch out the blade tab, the blades tend to snap easily. Make sure to stiffen them up before doing so. Heavy duty hole punch or hand nibbler tool will work. You can also trim the tabs back with cuticle scissors. The other option is to take conical grinding stone on a rotary tool and grind out a small insert.
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  11. brit

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  12. Juno

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    I ordered one of those a few minutes ago! :) thank you!! Can you believe my wife actually thought that Gibbs is really a cool razor? Lol. I was explaining about the proprietary blades and how that works. So I'm thinking....just wait until that repro adjustable comes out! I won it in the raffle!
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  13. Juno

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    It is odd, that of all my razors, she said she wants to try it. She is a die hard lady Gillette girl. I think it's because it was made in France. I am really looking forward to trying it too! And it is, indeed, a very cool razor! I've never seen one in the wild so was thrilled to win one!
  14. BBS

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    I happened to buy a lot of stuff from France that included 10 of those razors. Apparently the seller had a bunch of N.O.S. without the packaging since he had a lot more than 10 of them total for sale. These are probably the least sought after Gibbs razors since they are a standard 3pc razor. Collectors want the adjustables and the differential razors with the +/- on the cap to denote the aggressiveness of each side of the razor.
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