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    I have some wonderful stones that are not being used and I’d like to trade them for a Jnat.

    Shapton Glass - 4k and 16k sold

    Canadian Novaculite - amazing finishing stone, grit equivalent 16k (natural stone so this is just how the razor edge feels compared to a synthetic) Very smooth shaving edge. Can also be used with slurry and a matched rubber will be included.

    Lydian Touchstone - this stone is a beauty. One side is dressed to 1k, the other is mirror polished. Can use it as a base stone with a full nagura progression or any finishing rubber stone (Coti, Thuri etc) or simply finish with water or oil. The mirror polished side can be used to give it just that bit more or to put a micro bevel on a finished blade. These sell for €2.20/g and it’s a 450g stone. They are amazing! Sold

    Looking for a Suita or Tomae, Troutstone, labeled yellow/green blue Escher, very fast very fine natural combo Coticule or hybrid. 8/8 straights up to 1/2 hollow.

    If you have any interest please send me a pm.

    Thank you

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