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    Also it is a pretty common opinion that the more blades, the more irritation. Do you really want a Pace 7?!?
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    I really like the Pace 6, which I found private labeled at my grocery store years ago. I have been using this razor (occasionally) since then. I bought all they had left when it went on clearance to replace my Gillette Fusion 5. Never tried the Pace 7. Never bought anything from Dorco website or since they moved to Amazon.

    I have since found a great deal (~ 50 cents per cart) on the Personna Caliber 5 razor at an Outlet store. It is also an excellent multi blade cartridge razor. It is private Labeled at Walmart as their Equate brand.

    About 1/2 the price (~ $1.50 per cart) of the Caliber brand on Amazon, and readily available (so far) for me.

    I shave mostly with a DE or shavette, but I like to have value cartridge razors available for when I travel or I need a fast clean shave.

    I think I have enough to last me for quite a few years.

    Good luck with your search.
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    *deleted* because @Weasel640 beat me to it.
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    Partaking of the herb? Hopefully Google is not blocked where you live. Here is one of the results it returns, right up near the very top:

    Cosmic! Amazing! Beautiful! The miracle of the ages! The search engine is your friend.

    From the Dorco Facebook page, you can get both their mailing address and phone number. Then you can let your fingers do the walking or break out the ol' Crayolas and send them a letter.

    9370 Sky Park Court, Suite 100
    San Diego, California 92123
    (619) 661-0307

    Or just contact them on Facebook. It's easy to sign up there.

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