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    I just got back from a weeks vacation. I took a pump can of Elvado shave cream and a cart (Gillette Mach III). Carts are just easier for me on vacation - I use a DE at home. This shave cream is fantastic stuff. You can apply it brushless or with a brush. I took and used a Stirling synthetic brush. The brush give you a much nicer lather IMO though still not as creamy as the soaps I use at home. The cream though helps provide for a great shave. It is very slick and has excellent residual slickness. It also provides a great post shave (I don't feel you even need and aftershave - though I did take a small container of Thayers Unscented Witch Hazel). The Elvado can is I think 4.3 ounces and is TSA approved. I found Elvado shaving cream to be absolutely fantastic stuff. Now I need to try it at home with a DE razor. I cannot recommend this highly enough, especially for travel.
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