Entertaining Possibilities of New Razor Design

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    The American made Personna Blues should fit your needs nicely. As far as I know only one DE blade is still made in the States, and it is for lab and medical use, though it works just fine for shaving. There are a few misconceptions in your desire, the first being that the cost of setting up a new blade manufacturing line would never pay for itself, as the demand for blades isn't there. Most equipment in use in the world is second or third hand Gillette or Schick lines, 60-90 years old, carefully babied and maintained by aging experts. The best blades today come from Japan, Israel and Russia, (in my opinion) and this has as much to do with the steel used as the equipment that turns it into blades.

    The only countries investing in new blade manufacturing lines are third world countries, where the multi bladed razors have yet to penetrate the market. The only country that I know of that is actually building new machinery is India, though the quality of blades is not great.

    Most of us wet shavers got into wet shaving to save money (not that that actually happened) and the thought of paying a couple of bucks per blade just to get the "Made in America" shave, isn't going to win very many converts. I personally like the multi ethnic dimension that wet shaving entails. A Rooney brush from England, a 1932 Cooper fliptop razor, made in the U.S.A., a Sputnik blade from St. Petersburg, Russia, and a Hungarian shaving cream, mixed in a Japanese Suribachi, completes my morning routine. Well, almost. A splash of Indian Old Spice Limes really finishes it off.

    The long and short of the matter, is that there are too many high quality blades available, at good prices, to really worry about bringing them back to the States. The best blades have already come and gone, and those who have shaved with the Personna 74's will know what I'm talking about. I have about a thousand Gillette Super Blues from the 60's, and consider them one of the best carbon blades ever made, but I know they will never be made again, and are only at their best in a razor like the Shake Sharp.
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    After re-reading all the posts, it seems to me that the one feature everyone seems to agree on is that an adjustable length stainless handle is the one thing that isn't available to shavers (but something we want). So all you turners out there, who wants to have a go at it?
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    You mean something like this??

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    Now, I'm very new to this forum but I can say that other forums have contributed to design changes on an active scale that I've seen. Case in point is the Candlepowerforum.com. Here a manufacture specifically asked for input specs that did lead to now popular L.E.D. devices. Reading the threads of competing ideas in that case was very intertaining at times.
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    I'm new and still catching up on all the reading in TSD
    so I have much to learn but isn't the twin blade disposable a very sucessful design? Couldn't a DE be made to hold two blades at the same comparable spacing and provide similar results? You did ask.
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    Many of us got away from the multi-blades not only because of the price, but the majority of us (self included) have found we lost the burn and irritation that comes with multiple blades.
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    Candlepowerforum has been a major factor in providing people with improved batteries and designs in both the Airsoft and e-cigarette communities.
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    There is a seven bladed razor that takes a stack of blades. It took proprietary blades and as far as I know, there is only one in existence.

    A double bladed DE blade was produced for a short time. It never gained wide acceptance and was driven into obscurity by the advent of cartridge razors.
    Edit: It was a regular sized de blade with a slightly narrower blade bonded to the top of the other blade.
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    They just came out with a new double bladed design that takes regular DE blades.

    It seems to be sort of a double cap design.


    The space between the blades makes me think that clogging would be a problem. I can't figure out how you could hold a proper angle for both blades.


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    It looks very aggressive. Scary even. I still have trouble at the corners of the mouth and upper lip. I'll pass and let someone else write about how they got the bleeding to stop.
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    For $70? I think I know what I'm going to ask for this Christmas. Heavy beard and not especially sensitive skin? Sounds like I can use it. :D
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    I Google translated the page and got this - "The very open head design with relatively freestanding blade allows you to shave too long, thick beard without constipation, flushing succeeds very well at all times."
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    Google translate has some issues. Watch This!

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    It would appear that, for the most part, you are assuming new designs would be based upon something similar to Gillette's double edge blade razors. I feel that the original Gillette design was inferior to the single edge razors that already existed at the time. The double edge idea was mostly to give them something different to sell.

    If you want the best shaves short of a straight razor, look to the early Gems using the disposable blade. Specifically, my opinion is that no better shave is available than that offered by the Gem Junior Bar razor paired with a modern Gem stainless steel, PTFE coated blade. The bar razor's successor, the Gem 1912 patent, is a close second. Everything else in razor design since these razors has produced further sales but inferior shaves.

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    I guess this is a case of YMMV. I can't get a Gem SE blade to cut my whiskers comfortably at all. They tug worse than a Derby blade for me.
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    I am not assuming anything of the sort. Re-read the original post. I was initially discussing a possible adjustable single edge design that happened to use DE blades. This whole article was inspired by a non-Gillette design- the Shake Sharp Razor.
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    I would like to see a new SE razor as good as the Ever Ready streamline as you say i think are forbears got it pretty much right, I used a Valet Auto Strop for the first time with a nos Valet blade and the shave was excellent for a 80 year old razor.
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