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    The time on deck was 13:05 when I found it had occurred, but it began a short time earlier, with a nice hot shower. A good lather of C O Bigelow was applied “expertly” to the face over a bit of unscented PSO. Hendrix was playing in the background which was adding to the Zen like experience that was unfolding. My instrument of whisker destruction for today was a 61' SS. My plan of attack was a simple two pronged assault WTG and then XTG.

    After the first pass was complete I felt great, very close already and no irritation. So I commenced with phase 2, XTG. Mission accomplished, second pass rendered a very close shave and again my face was felling refreshed and had no irritating razor burn. A quick inspection of my face however revealed a few sporadic patches of stubble, especially under the jawline.

    So I had to improvise, adapt, and overcome. I hadn’t up till this point been going ATG due to some discomfort, but I figured things were going great thus far and so phase 3 was established and carefully carried out. I paid close attention to blade angle and pressure and what resulted was the closest most comfortable shave I believe I have ever experienced. There is definitely something to be said about taking your time and really enjoying what you’re doing. I typically end with some Sandalwood ASB but for this particular occasion I went with a splash of Brut. It reminds me of my grandfather who was the type of Man that inspired greatness and that’s what that shave was, pure greatness. Let’s hope I can make that repeatable.

    So, how bout you salty veterans out there, do you remember your moment where the planets aligned and everything fell into place and perfection was achieved? I’d sure like to hear about it.

    I’m sure a simple breakdown of the shave would’ve sufficed but hey, I felt like being a bit dramatic today. Y’all have a good day and Howdy from Texas!
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    By Joe, I think he's got it!! :happy005:

    Well done!
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