Expectant Dads

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    A few expectant Dads were sitting in the hospital waiting room. A nurse came in and said, "Mr. Smith?"

    Mr. Smith stood up and said, "Yes?"

    "I've got great news. Your wife just had twins!"

    "Wow, what a conicidence. I actually work in the front office for the Minnesota Twins," Mr. Smith replied.

    About a half hour later, the nurse came back in. "Mr. Jones?"

    Mr. Jones stood up and said, "Yes?"

    "I've got great news. Your wife just had triplets!"

    "Wow, what a conicidence. I actually work for 3M," Mr. Jones replied.

    Another Dad got up, and started to run towards the door.

    "What's the matter?", they asked him.

    "I work for 7-Up!"
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    The next dad fainted dead away. He works for the company that makes V-8.
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    And the one dad who didn't know what to do. He works for 7-11!
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    Aren't they Cheaper by the Dozen?
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    These dads are like cats-y'know, "9 lives"

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