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    Yes it is cut from solid. I wish I had stamping abilities.

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    Today's shave was with the left side same gap at .021 inch and fresh blade edge. Shave was the same as the right side and same end result. Cap and cage are loaded symmetrically now for sure based upon this. Why it loads symmetrically one way and not the other I do not know as of yet. I am putting in 2 more shaves one on each side, same gap setting for both to see if there is a performance hit as the blade wears.
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    No performance hit but I did notice the how long the shave lasts. This razor with enough hair reduction will leave me BBS for at least 8 hours. Granted I have been adjusting my technique to the razor but either way the only other razors that keep a close shave for that long for me are GEM SE razors.

    One more shave on the other side to confirm and it is time to send the Tom-X on it's way.
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    Last shave today. I missed a day, 1st time in months I missed a day of shaving, so this shave was with 2 days growth 2nd shave opposite side of the previous shave. Razor had no problem taking down 2 days growth which on me is like 3 to 4 days for most other people. End result is it just missed being a BBS by a hint of stubble under the chin. With that said it still would have put most other razors to shame when shaved the same way.

    Overall this is top performing razor when you figure out how to work it correctly. For me that is short choppy strokes with multiple passes over the same area for each over all ATG, WTG, etc. pass. Gradual hair reduction is the key. With that said this razor for me if I had one to keep would serve like my go when I need that perfect BBS shave since because of it's deceptive mildness I can bang out a quick shave without having to spend time concentrating on not cutting myself while shaving.

    Even though this is an adjustable I doubt it would make too much of a difference in the shave when set symmetrically. I did all my shaves on a single gap setting this way unlike when the cap was set asymmetrically.
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