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    I have several Fatboy Razors, from each year. I also own Slim Adjustables, and Black Beauty Razors. By far, the Fatboys give the smoothest shave, because of the head design. I cannot tell any difference in shaves between the years. My preferences go to the D and E coded ones, with the removable, not pressed on, end caps. They are easier to deep clean, and work on. . It's always my go-to travel razor, when I don't find a way to take my Straight Razors.
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    I shaved with a SA this morning. One of the first DE razors I used. I was about 13. That razor has been with me for 35 years. I also shave now and then with a slim. What is silly is people needing training wheels and twisting the things up and down during a shave. Yes I know Gillette marketing gimmick was to do that. It is not necessary once you learn good technique. If you like it fine. My opinion is it's silly.
    I have had fatboys. Got rid of them. There is no difference to me in the shave of the different adjustables. No matter the small difference in head shapes. People like them because they can say they paid a lot for them. Great if you like that...great if the OP likes that. He asked for opinions and I gave mine. They are not worth the extra money in that they do not give a better shave then other razors that no one is running the price up on.
    The quote you singled out was me agreeing with a post by another member. As I have told others , feel free to ignore me or start your own forum and ban me.
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    For me obtaining a 195 is (IMV) a requirment for any half way serious collector. I luv the looks and heft, it's a classic but far from my best shaver. Don't get me wrong it delivers a fine shave but... Anyway I pull mine out a couple of times a year and use it for nostalgia. The same goes for my Slim.

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    Although I have been shaving daily with open-comb razors since 2013, a Gillette Slim was my daily driver from January of 1966 until I discovered OCs in 2013. Almost two years before I would even need to shave I WANTED/NEEDED a 1958 Gillette 195 Adjustable (and I finally got one almost 55 years later).

    As I noted, I am shaving daily with OCs, but when I travel I always take an Adjustable - either the Slim or the Fatboy. For me, the adjustability as has always been my method of mitigating a dulling blade, or a change in water hardness/softness. I think the quality of the local water has one of the greatest impacts on the smoothness of the shave.

    To get back on topic, something is always and only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I would not pay big money for a Fatboy, but I did have the handle of my D4 replated in Rhodium, so my opinion may not proffer as much reliability as that of someone more objectively assessing the real value of the Fatboy.

    For me, though, the Fatboy's value is worth more than just the tool it really is.

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    It's this "you have to have one even if you don't like shaving with it" that drives prices. If you really like a mild shave and adjustable razors yeah sure get one, you will likely want to hang on to it. I don't consider myself a serious collector, if a razor doesn't deserve a place in my rotation for other than nostalgia I sell it. Among my 100 or so razors there's a hole where a Fatboy used to be and it's not missed. If a mild adjustable isn't your thing buy three Micromatics, a Gibbs, or a vintage Progress instead. Even a serious collector can I believe focus on other things.

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    The pricing is inflated and to be honest it’s a good razor but not so that it warrants the price. if you want an adjustable I would recommend the slim. The head is a little slimmer as well as the handle. Personally I reach for my slim more than the fatboy .
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  7. preidy

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    I enjoy collecting mainly Gillette but have recently branched off to Schick and others. Early on in my new endeavor I got caught up in all the hype and had to have both. I was slightly disappointed with the shaves. Doesn't mean I don't like them or cherish them. They are classics. I have about 55 razors. Some shave (for me) better than others. I've use each razor that I aquire for a week to test. Razors are rotated in and out of my 7 razor rotation. For example last week I benched my beloved Blue Tip and replaced it with a Segal - a 10 buck non Gillette razor! Through out the year I reach on the shelf and use most of my other collection. This is what I enjoy doing. I will never sell as I plan to pass along my modest collection to my son and grandsons. After using 55 + different razors I can safely say for me that (my first) 1940's style (54) Super Speed still rocks. The botom line is I do what I do. I'm retired and enjoy aquiring and using vintage razors as I so look forward to my daily (morning) trip into the past. So I guess from that view point I'm both flattered and guilty as charged. BTW this little beauty is arriving from across the pond today.
    s-l1600 (1).jpg
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    Gotcha. For me in order to avoid complete acquisitions bedlam I stand by my use it or lose it rule. There's always another razor to take its place. I'm almost done with my Injector and SEs , and it's a pretty short list of (mostly rare) DEs on the must have list but a New Deluxe is a must before I give a Fatboy another try. They are not exactly cheap either but I can understand better their pricing given that they are actually uncommon compared with the FBoys.

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  9. preidy

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    I get it. It makes sense but I get attached to them. I have 55 razors but I can only use one at a time. Now I'm getting into a past conversation(s) with the wife. But I think she's right but she also knows that I'm involved in prety much a harmless venture. Speaking of a New Deluxe here is a similar New Standard (1927-28) I lucked upon and could not pass up. I've only used once. I too am on a hunt for these types. I'm looking at the British side an early #14 and #15. They are stunning and it still amazes me these beauties are around and still survive.
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  10. jmudrick

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    I love my New Standard as well (silver). Gorgeous and an excellent shaver. In my mind the most beautiful Gillette.

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  11. wchnu

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    Always love your razor pics. Beautiful!
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  12. preidy

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    Thank you for the kind words.
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    I received the Fatboy today, it seems to be in good condition.

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    It does look good! Give it a Dawn dish soap and hot water soak, followed by old tooth brush scrub down. Don't skip lubing it with mineral oil for continued smooth operation.Ultrasonic cleaning can get old soap out of the interior.
    Do the doors open well & adjuster dial operate? The plating looks to be in great condition.
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  15. Jim99

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    Very nice! The razor and case look like they’re in great shape.
  16. Jim99

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    +1 on this advice.
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  17. Kevinwine85

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    Yeah the doors open good, and it the adjuster dial operates, I'm going to give it a clean tomorrow, just holding it, I love the weight.
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  18. Jayaruh

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    I am breaking out my Fatboy for Fatboy Fridays. Let's see if I can continue the pattern.
    Tomorrow's shave.

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    I’ve got a rookie question- What is the significance of a 195 Fatboy? They seem to fetch a higher price at auction. And how does the fatboy feel different compared to a superspeed( head geometry)?
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    195 simply refers to the price of the razor at release. The why are they pricey question has been beat to do death, plenty of rationale and otherwise from the beginning of the thread. I'll let others speak to geometry.

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