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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Hogie, May 5, 2022.

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    I currently own 2 Fatip razors. I like them both. The olive wood handled open comb is nice in the hand. Not a heavy razor. To me it is mild but, I don't know if I would recommend to a beginner. The slant is a bit more aggressive. I would say on par with the Muhle R41 or maybe a little more aggressive. Not overly expensive either.

    DSCN5997.JPG DSCN6001.JPG DSCN6003.JPG
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    If they could fix their QC and blade alignment issues, they would/could be a top tier razor brand. Seems like for every two good razors they make, the third one is defective. It's probably closer to one defective in twenty, but unhappy people tend to be vocal, and that skews the perception.

    They do make nice looking razors though.
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    The open comb olive wood handled one has good alignment. The slant tho, I have to work to make sure I get the same exposure on both sides. So, I see what you mean. It still shaves nice tho

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