Favorite Pipe Tobacco Scented Soap

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Tiredricefarmer, Dec 14, 2017.


    SHAVEWIZARD420 Well-Known Member

    Sorry it took so long to respond Paul, it got lost in the alert area. Maggard Tobacco& Leather is one that leans twards leather- almost like a new car scent.

    Also Grooming Dept has a few leather scents Flight, and Absinthe & Leather. The Flight has a tomato leaf note similar to Mickey Lee Ruby's Green. Performance is about as good as it gets from a shaving soap, incredible stuff.
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  3. MR41

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    I’ve heard Tabac described as an old European scent. I got very slight tobacco from it, but more floral than anything.
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  4. Dansco

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    I have Tabac and Caties Bubbles Conneticut Shade. I agree with others - Tabac isn't an all out tobacco smell and i don't think Connecticut Shade is either. It's very much a Dr Pepper scent. There's some sweet tobacco in there, for sure. For what it's worth it's also one of two soaps I've tried (from 8) that irritate my face. YMMV though
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  5. Paul Turner

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    That's what a reviewer said about Maggard T&L......"too much leather!". Well, fine with me :). Thanks for the info on the others.
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    I recently picked up Wild West Peace Pipe which to my nose smells similar to MW Sweet Briar, wonderful pipe tobacco scent.

    Another one from my order is Cherokee which is more of a green tobacco scent. Both smell great.
  7. Michael_W

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    Dr. Jon's Black Label soap and aftershave are now among my favorites, along with PAA Cavendish. I've also seen Soap of the Gods Black Cavendish out there, though I've never tried it.
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    B&M just put out Full Measure of a Man to enter this arena. I like it. To me it is a dry tobacco, like a good quality pipe tobacco without the extra sweet stuff. Your nose may pick up something different, though - my wife says it smells like maple bacon to her. Win-win!
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  9. Paul Turner

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    I had the Rte 66 Cavendish soap.....pretty nice, I thought.
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    PAA - Cavendish
    Tiki - The Captain
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    I love uncle jons pipe smoke. Absolutely fantastic tobbaco scent.

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  12. Paul Turner

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    Thanks for the tip on MW Sweet Briar. Are MW soaps triple-milled?

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