Feather Artist Club Super Razor (ACSR)

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    News from Japan.
    Feather release a new Super Razor (ACSR) line of Artist Club shavette in Professional series.

    Same exposure of SS model:
    • 1.00mm ProGuard
    • 1.00mm Professional
    • 0.40mm Light
    • 1.25mm Super

    The head geometry is in the middle.
    Just between SS and DX.

    As always, western style (Regular) and kamisori style (Nippon) handles.


    All the info about blade / model relations, in the catalog 2008:
    • SS / SR
    • DX / RG

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  2. Herm2502

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    I am so tempted to get a SS for my first try in that style of razor.


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