Feather Blade: Super Sharp, so be CAREFUL!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Michael_W, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Michael_W

    Michael_W Well-Known Member

    After trying a Feather blade for the first time last night and doing a second shave tonight, just finished minutes ago, I will give my evaluation:

    Do NOT shave with this in a heavy razor! It is for milder razors like the Weishi 9306. The Feather is ridiculously sharp, certainly lives up to its reputation, and gives practically no irritation. Having said that, even though I used no more pressure than I normally do with my Merkur 34c, I ended up with a bunch of weepers. They were quickly closed up with a little pressure to stop the bleeding, but daaaamn, that blade nicked me up badly! I suspect that this blade was designed for lighter-weight razors.

    Don't get me wrong. If you prefer sharp blades over smooth ones, can learn to master shaving with it to reduce nicking, or have a lighter-weight razor to put it in, this blade is definitely a keeper and as I have heard it, it lasts a good long time. I'll probably keep a tuck or two handy for when I'm on the road and have my Weishi with me. But understand going in that this blade really does require a lighter touch. I think I'll stick with my Astra SPs and PolSilver/Wizamet Super Iridium blades, and give the Kai blades a try to see if they'll provide fewer weepers.
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  2. TobyC

    TobyC Well-Known Member

    It's the best blade ever, I like it in everything! It's the perfect blade for a Piccolo and I use a fair amount of pressure so that the comb tightens the skin ahead of the blade. It's just a blade, and of course it is razor sharp. ;)
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  3. jeraldgordon

    jeraldgordon TSD's Mascot

    One of my two top blades!
  4. Engblom

    Engblom Well-Known Member

    It is my favorite blade.

    I have to disagree with you about what razors it suits: I think Feathers fits especially well in aggressive razors. With every single blade you will need to use some force to force the blade through the hairs. Every hair is acting like a break in your razor movement. Dull blades, like Derby, I find very difficult to use in aggressive razors because the movement becomes too uneven. It is nearly impossible for me to shave with Derby blades loaded in an aggressive razor like R41, I would see blood almost each time. Sharp blades, on the other hand, are causing less resistance, and I gain far better precision in my movements. It is more like a surprise if I would get some blood when shaving with Feathers, even in aggressive razors like R41.
  5. kfbrady

    kfbrady Well-Known Member

    A Feather and a Gillette Silver Blue are my two favourite blades. I have never cut myself with either of them.

    Every face and beard is different.
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  6. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    I don't think that Feather blades are designed for a particular razor weight. I do think that the first shave with a Feather can be harsh, second and third shaves are sweet and the fourth shave is hit or miss. Some strop the blade pre-first shave on some denim. I have tried that. Meh. I toss them after the third shave.
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  7. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Before making a blanket statement like that, I would suggest that you spend a lot more time with this blade and work on your technique.

    One of my favorite combinations is a Feather blade in a Gillette New Improved on a Bulldog handle.
  8. jason koonce

    jason koonce Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love the feathe blades and use them in my shavette! Greatest blade I’ve ever used
  9. lloydrm

    lloydrm Well-Known Member

    I don´t do much razor/blade pairing. I have 6-8 blades I like and use them on all my razors. With so many better options (IMO) like KAI, Polsilver, Iridium supers, Gillette Platinums, Gillette Nacets, Voskhods and Shark SS, Feathers have little chance of making it into my den.
    AC style blades are a different story. Pros are very nice.
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  10. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    I have Feathers in my blade inventory but still have not tried them. I have become pretty much a Russian blade guy with PolSilver SI, Nacet, Astra, Ladas, and Voskhods
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  11. Deeter

    Deeter Well-Known Member

    Feather Super Pro blades in the heavy stainless Mongoose. Excellent combo. I do prefer Schick Proline blades in the Feather SS shavette though.
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  12. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Love the Feathers! I haven't found any problems with them in any of my DE's. Particularly enjoy one in a Fat Boy on number nine, but won't hesitate to drop a fresh Hi-Stainless in a Red Tip, Fatip , Futur clone, or a NEW LC.
  13. TobyC

    TobyC Well-Known Member

    Sharp tools always yield better results than dull, carelessness with anything sharp is seldom wise.

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  14. Michael_W

    Michael_W Well-Known Member

    I was basing my remarks on having used my Merkur 34c for the majority of the sampler pack that I got last year. I saved the Feathers for last because I wanted to build up from the Treet blades and progress from those to the Gillette brands and finally the PolSilvers and Feathers. The Feathers are the only ones so far that have nicked me up as badly as I got the last couple of shaves, and I used no more pressure with my Merkur than I had with any of the other blades. Since the 34c is noticeably heavier than heavier than my Weishi or my Gillette Tech ball-end, or for that matter my '74 Super Speed, I can only guess at why the Feather should give me so many nicks compared to the other blades. Even the Personna Lab Blues didn't nick me up like this. The PolSilvers really left me with no nicking at all until the final couple of shaves, and even then the weepers were tiny and closed up right away.

    So I can only conclude that because of the sharpness of the Feathers, less pressure would be ideal, and I think a lighter-weight razor would be better for achieving that while still getting a good shave.

    I hope that better explains my reasoning.
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  15. kfbrady

    kfbrady Well-Known Member


    try a Feather in your Tech. For me the combination of a very sharp blade in a mild razor - for me an early 50's Super Speed that is not too head heavy - is very smooth.

    I do agree that you need a light touch.
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  16. Herm2502

    Herm2502 off to elf practice

    I only used one tuck of Feathers. I found them very sharp, but not overly so. I classify them as efficient, they get the job done without a lot of extra work. The do, however, demand that your technique is "spot on".

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  17. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    My experience with Feather blades was not much different than most any other blade in my den. I only had a tuck, but I liked them in my super speeds and EJ. I didn’t experience any nicks or cuts.
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  18. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    I understand your thought process as I have been there in the past. Unfortunately, the truth is that it is most likely your current skill set / technique. It may take another couple of years to get there, but you will get to a point where it doesn't matter what razor or blade you use, you will get a good shave from it. It took me a few tries at different points in time, to get comfortable with feather blades. Don't blame a heavy razor. It will come in time.
  19. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    Yesssss yessss be very afraid of the Japanese katana of blades!!! If I was into making videos I would of made one shaving with the Chinese Futur on setting 10 where the blade chatters like crazy and I would have a brand new fresh Feather and do all 3 passes eyes closed, no joke I did it and instead of the usual 5 minutes 3 pass shave it took me around 8 minutes, no eyes closed when lathering though....

    I like the Feathers but they are not my favorite blades, if I had to choose I would pick: Red "package" Personas, Kais, Crystals as my favorites
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  20. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    This is all strictly technique. What razor the blade is in makes no difference with good technique. @PanChango is spot on. Newer guys reading this do not get over scared about a Feather blade. I do not like them because they burn out fast. Same with their SE blade for the Valet Autostrop.

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