Feather blades durability

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Avi Doron, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Feathers, along with Personna Med Preps, and Gillette 7 O'clock Yellows, are all super sharp blades that deserve respect. If your lather isn't slick enough, your blade and is off, or you use too much pressure, you will get bitten. I've only Palm stripped these when I get to the higher number of shaves, sometimes 15, sometimes 30. Just to extend the blade life, for fun. I love them all extremely sharp blades, because any tugging from a dull blade hurts my face. I'm sensitive!!!!! Don't judge me.
    For Vintage blades, the sharpest I have found are the Wilkinson Sword Super Sword, Gillette Spoilers, and Personna 74(still testing one out).
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    I agree.
    I would add Personna Lab Blues, Ladas, and Astra SP's to that list of super sharp blades...though the Astra's would be at the bottom of said list.

    My Fiancée gets two leg shaves and about two weeks worth of armpit shaves out of a Feather blade. She refuses to use any other brand of blade.

    I get 2 to 7 shaves from a Feather, depending on what razor I use them in. The Blackbird will keep a Feather usable until about shave number 9. A super speed razor is usually done after two or three shaves.
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    my experience with the Feather is that the first shave is very sharp specially the first couple of strokes on each side, but durability wise the 3rd shave you can feel the tugging quite a bit, its sharp only for few shaves and don't last long because its so thin, but that's why its so sharp cause its thin lol Decent blade, but not my favorite
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    This is the only possible answer to the OP's question. I can tell you how many I get from one, but that will not help you very much.
    But they are good blades, and well worth trying for yourself.
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    When you strop blades in a de you go in the opposite direction to when you shave just like you would to strop a straight.

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    Three year old necropost. :shocked003:
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    Yes, but things have definitely evolved in the last three years.
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    Lol very true

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    But Feathers have not.

    Checked my post in this thread from three years ago, and said, "yep, my opinion has not changed."
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    My post was misleading.
    Three years later and shortly before I made the leap to the "Dark Side", I stopped automatically changing blades after 4 uses. (Including Feathers). My "ride the cap" technique; "slicing, not scraping", if you will, SIGNIFICANTLY extended my DE sharpness-life. I would then (and do now) use a blade until I sensed degradation (hints of tugging). That could mean 7-10 shaves---or even more---MANY MORE, if I was using a Personna 74, Spoiler, Light Brigade, etc.

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