Fedoras, Pork Pies, Trilbys, What is Your Favorite Hat?

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Bird Lives, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. S Barnhardt

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    I think we probably have the same Tropic 504 Ventair insofar as the khaki/tan/natural you spoke of. I also have that in a medium green and a winter weight one in Dark Grey and a bright "Santa" red. I don't remember which style those are. I've bought from Kangol and off Amazon. I'd probably pick Amazon due to the ease of the ordering process, etc. with them.
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  2. Leo501

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    My favorite hats are the old style with several different names to them- ivy cap, driving cap, jeff cap, newsboy caps (somewhat different styles). Used to have an Irish store in the neighborhood that had some great selections direct from Ireland- sadly it closed about a year ago.

    As a bird watcher I have several types of hats for that hobby- bucket hat, a Tilley cotton "duck" hat with shoestring strap.
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