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    I have an extra Filomatic and decided to put it on tour for people who want to try this different and harder to come by Spanish made razor.

    To be eligible you need to be a member here for a minimum of 30 days and have at least 45 posts on the board. Just because you aren't eligible now doesn't mean you wont be later on.

    filo2a.jpg filo2b.jpg

    I am going to structure the pass around into groups of 5 for the US and groups of 3 for international based upon the country. For example once 3 people from Canada sign on, once the previous group is done it will go to the Canadian group depending where in the order the first individual signed up and once they are done to the next cheapest shipping group international if not US. I will deal with the individuals on the international shipping to keep the costs even as possible across the board.

    The only question is are shipping rates fairly even across the whole EU regardless of country or not? That will determine how that group gets structure either by county in Europe or by EU member or not.
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