First Double Safety Razor Shave Kit Complete....Pictures.

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    Hey all,

    I finally have all of the items assembled and the project complete for three different cologne themes on a black colored shaving setup.

    First, the Creed Green Irish Tweed Theme:

    Which contains the following items:
    Fragrance - Creed Green Irish Tweed
    Deodorant - Creed Green Irish Tweed
    Shave Soap - WSP (Wet Shaving Products) Gaelic Tweed Shave Soap
    Aftershave - WSP (Wet Shaving Products) Gaelic Tweed Aftershave
    Shave Brush - Satin Tip "The Purest" synthetic brush (White Knot)

    The other theme is for Creed's Royal Oud:

    Which contains the following items:
    Fragrance - Creed Royal Oud
    Deodorant - Sam's Natural "Tobacco"
    Shave Soap - Catie's Bubbles Le Piment De La Vie *Luxury Cream Soap Forumla
    Aftershave - Country Club for Men's Southern Oud
    Shave Brush - Satin Tip "The Purest" synthetic brush (Black Knot)


    Which contains the following items:
    Fragrance - Dolce & Gabbana - "The One" EdP (Eau de Parfum)
    Aftershave - Dolce & Gabbana - "The One" splash
    Deodorant - Dolce & Gabbana - "The One"
    Shave Soap - Nile Natural Products "Dolce & Gabbana The One" scented
    Shave Brush - Beauty7 Professional Premium Synthetic Nylon


    Products for the newest edition to the Black Shave Kit:
    Aftershave - The Shave Den "Sensitive" (Unscented) Witch Hazel
    Shave Soap - The Shave Den "Sensitive" (Unscented)
    Deodorant - Herban Cowboy "Unscented"
    Shave Brush - Scaramouche+Fandango "Ultra-Soft" Synthetic


    Products for the newest edition to the Black Shave Kit:
    Fragrance - Creed Aventus
    Aftershave - Fine Platinum
    Shave Soap - Ginger's Garden Aventus (email and ask for black container)
    Deodorant - Lucky Girl Boutique's Pure Body Delights "Monarch"
    Shave Brush - Da Vinci Uomo Synique

    I arrived at these combinations of products after reading many internet discussions and reviews. I chose the Tobacco deodorant for the Royal Oud cologne in the hopes of adding just a little more tobacco to the mix. Catie's Bubbles shave soap also has a nice, tobacco base to its scent. The Country Club for Men's aftershave is a really great addendum to this cologne.

    I found the shave soap on Etsy which was made by NileNaturals.

    I don't see any other D&G "The One" shave soaps for sale there right now, but if you go to that link and click on "Ask a Question", you can request if she can make one for you.

    NEW Shave Stand: (This one replaces the Perfecto Shave Stand and it fits more brushes!)
    Royal Shave Safety Razor and Brush Stand (Brush Opening 30mm / Razor Opening 13mm)


    Edwin Jagger "Kelvin" DE Safety Razor
    *(Amazon exclusive product)

    Two Satin Tip "The Purest" synthetic brushes are in this shave kit. One with a white knot and the other with a black knot. Synthetics really should take on an artistic life of their own instead of trying to appear to be animal hair. If more companies did this, then synthetic sales would BOOM, IMO. I have owned both of these for approximately 1 year now. This is what they look like after 1 year of use when properly maintenanced and cared for. FYI. The White knotted brush malfunctioned and the knot came out. I used Gorilla Epoxy Resin to re-glue the knot. It is pretty much permanently attached to the handle now. I don't think it's going to come out again without a jackhammer. I estimate the knot size at 22mm.

    Satin Tip "The Purest" Synthetic Brush (White)

    Satin Tip "The Purest" Synthetic Brush (black)


    The next one is the Beauty7 Professional Premium Synthetic Nylon with black resin handle (this brush was also defective, I used the same method to repair with Gorilla Epoxy Resin, so, buyer beware...looks nice and performs well after proper adhesive repair). I cannot find concrete measurement for the knot, but I estimate it at 26mm.

    Now we come to the curious case of the Scaramouche+Fandango "Ultra-Soft" Synthetic 22mm Shave Brush. And in case you're thinking that it is referencing the old Bohemian Rhapsody song from Queen you would be correct!

    Next up is the Da Vinci Uomo Synique 22mm Shave Brush! This is one nice brush and seems to give a bit more exfoliation during face lathering. It's my opinion that this one feels most like a real badger brush than any other synthetic I've owned (and I own nearly all synthetic knotted brushes).

    Apothecary Bottle for TSD Witch Hazel

    Black Soap Containers:
    Source of raw product Black Plastic Tub:
    Black top for tub:

    Dr. Dittmar Size black Acrylic glass Shaving soap dish with cover

    Nile Natural's take on Dolce & Gabbana's "The One" fragrance. This was an excellent find on Etsy:

    Container Labels:
    Out with the old labels and in the the NEW! Last years labels started to wear, even with the protective coating I gave them with "Preserve It" spray. It gave it a good run of about 4 months, but succumbed to the ravages of the hard water of Las Vegas and regular bathroom abuse. So, I went back to the beginning and tested vinyl labels with my Dell 1250c Laser Printer.

    I ordered these inexpensive vinyl labels from Amazon and they proved to do the job BEAUTIFULLY!
    Outfitter Labels 2-1/2 inch round
    Outfitter Labels 2-5/8th inch rectangle

    I didn't need any special spray coating. It came out perfectly.

    I redid both my Green Irish Tweed and Royal Oug Soap tubs. I used the labels I saved from last year's project that I made in MS Paint and simply went to Avery's template website and used their online tools to print my labels again. (It takes trial and error to get the labels how you want them, so be ready to waste some labels figuring out the best position for the picture on the website's tools.)

    I completely changed the Catie's Bubbles Le Piment De La Vie label, swapping it out for a more brown looking label they used for one of their other soaps. I used basic MS Paint to change the label:

    The Pre & Post Shave products:
    Pre-shave oil:

    Lather & Wood Shaving Co.'s Unscented Pre-Shave Oil

    Post Shave Balm:
    Retseliney Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

    Nicci Marie Natural Skin Care Vitamin-C Facial Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
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    Nice! Enjoy!!
  3. Tim Spencer

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    I consider this one my "modern" shave kit. Because the products were more easily obtained, I was able to get them first before the more "Antique" and custom items for my other shave kits.

    The shave kits yet to come when I have all the products and gear are:
    ---Old Spice Shave Kit (still waiting on an ivory shave stand, people likely already know what will be in this one from my other posts in the past, but sit tight).
    ---Obsession for Men Shave Kit (not telling what's in this one, you'll have to wait)

    Putting these together has been tough. I've gone through literally hundreds of product evaluations and thousands of google search pictures over the last 8 weeks to put these together.

    I hope someone finds my research and product choices helpful. Especially on the kits I haven't shown yet.
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    Article Team
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    Looks good!
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    Very good.
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    Well done!
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    You're going to need a black razor and then your going to have to PIF all those products
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  9. Tim Spencer

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    What is PIF? This acronym is not obvious to me.
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  10. Bama Samurai

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  11. Tim Spencer

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    I might be a shave-o-chondriac. I think I have some of those disorders listed in the acronyms at that link. It seems like buying shaving products makes it better though. I recently wrote my own prescription of Mama Bear Soap and a couple of shave brushes.
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  12. Bama Samurai

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    We all did it, too. Which brushes?
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  13. Tim Spencer

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    No way. You don't get no sneak peaks at my future shave kits that I'm almost finished assembling.
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    My apology, I didn't follow your concept. Gotcha. Carry on.
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    Cool, as a GIT fan very cool. Enjoy
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  16. RyX

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    Not to disturb your feng shui, but I found a product that you might appreciate.
    I spotted it on a clearance rack at WalMart. ->Click<-
    Axe Oud wood & Vanilla.gif
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  17. Tim Spencer

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    In my trials of Deodorants, I tried the Axe 'Tobacco & Amber'. It was the runner up for the 'Royal Oud' setup. I just thought that Sam's Natural Tobacco was better. Better blend of scent, slightly better at covering odor and I really like the ingredients better too. The Axe item was no slouch and I could have been happy with it in the kit.

    I have plenty of left over Axe body sprays from past years. I was planning on using this same black shave kit for those fragrances as well (although they would be used less often than the top 5 or 6 fragrances I like).
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    Very nice set-ups! Keep at it, they look great.

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  19. George X

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    I like the themed kits. Very nice!

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  20. RyX

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    Before discovering the wet shaving world, I was oblivious to aftershaves, colognes, and used the same scent deodorant for years. I like that you not only are matching a full set to color of containers but also by scent pallet. Inspiring!

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