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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by EndlessFields, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. EndlessFields

    EndlessFields Member

    Alright, so I decided to try my hand with a Feather blade this morning in my 34C.
    Dang... that was a smooth shave. Going WTG I didn't even feel the blade, the hairs just popped off. I followed that with an XTG which was also smooth. I then got daring and went ATG, also smooth but I did get some red bumps and irritation on my neck from that one. My hair grows to the side there, so to go ATG I have to move from right to left, which isn't very easy sometimes. Nevertheless I ended up with a BBS on most of my face, with a few spots on the previously mentioned neck that are still a little rough.
    I took my time and paid the blade the respect it deserved and I walked away without any blood.
    I now understand why people like this blade. While I still have many blades to try, this one is at the top of my list right now. I'm hoping the neck irritation was due to my technique or attempting ATG when I should not have. As I have been, I will continue to report on my new shaving adventure as it continues.
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  2. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    Congrats on a good shave! Stick with that brand & don't change anything else, for a few weeks, to be sure you really like it, and to refine your technique with it.
  3. cryhavoc

    cryhavoc Member

    Glad you enjoyed the Feather! They are much too rough on my face
  4. alpla444

    alpla444 That's sweet!

    Im undicided on feathers, I need to re-visit some time soon,:)
  5. tomnat

    tomnat accepting applications

    Endless fields, you will find that the Feather will improve with the second and third shave. The first shave with them is always the roughest. It's like it needs to "warm up" a bit before reaching it's peak potential. I am actually on shave 7 with a Feather and it is still performing nicely.
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  6. EndlessFields

    EndlessFields Member

    Had shave #2 yesterday morning. Got an almost BBS without going ATG. Quite impressed. I do get a little irritation on the neck. So while this blade has jumped to the top of the 4 I've tried. I have many more to go. The others have a benchmark to beat now though.
  7. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    That, and the price, keep me from using Feathers. Why put up with a lousy shave at any time? Suffer through the first just to get the next one or two (from what many are saying - as Tom points out, there are exceptions)? Nope. I'll stick to blades that work from the first shave on.

    But that's me.
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  8. dadvest

    dadvest Active Member

    Okay I hate to bring this up but sometimes when using a Feather Yellow, the first shave and all the rest, 3 to 4, are great! But sometimes the first shave is terrible and the blade is pulling after about the 3rd use. So I'm thinking from batch to batch maybe no so consistant. Also, I will not use the Black packs anymore. They are different and I can tell it.
  9. alpla444

    alpla444 That's sweet!

    I tried feather blade yesterday (1st time for about 4 months) and i pit it in my R-41, BBS 2pass and touch ups, did not seem as smooth as my Astra sp's but cant complain about the end result:)
  10. tommyboy923

    tommyboy923 Member

    I'm still new to wet shaving, but of the 6 (I think) different blades I have tried, Feathers are a cut above the rest. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? :) (Side note - I have a friend who makes corny jokes like that and then immediately goes on to explain them. Dude, we GOT your joke. We were not laughing for a different reason.)

    But really, the Feather was simply so much smoother and required less effort than the other blades. OK, now it's time to go and buy some more. Any good sources for them online? I don't need the absolute cheapest place, a few cents doesn't matter too much. I am more interested in finding a reputable vendor who is pleasurable to work with.
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  11. Jamie Mahoney

    Jamie Mahoney Well-Known Member

    I tend to use the feather blade for 95 per cent of my shaves, with my Feather AS - D1 I wont use any other blade they are a marriage made in haven, but I do use another blade in my Merkur a Gillette super thin, and this blade IMO is the equal to the feather blade. PS I also have a golden rule regardless if I think there's another shave in the blade, after 4 shaves then I replece them regardless, that's my rule.

    Regards Jamie.
  12. Shayne Redfearn

    Shayne Redfearn Active Member

    I really need to try one of these...the price is a big bummer for me though :sad023:
  13. Glasstream15

    Glasstream15 Member

    I have, after a year and going through a sample pack, settled on two blades for my DE razors. I use FEATHERS in my 2 Techs and my Krona. First shave, fifth shave, no difference. Two pass, WTG / ATG, no pull no tug, no irritation just a DFS with no effort.

    I use Wilkinson Swords from Wally-Werld, $1.76 for a 10 pack, in my Gillette Goodwill and Parker 72R. Again, very smooth, easy, comfortable DFS without irritation. I have found my shaving Nirvana but it's about to get kicked in the rear because I'm in the group buy for 200 of the Voskohd blades. I don't know where I'll place them with the 102 Feathers and 96 Wilkies that I have in my stock. But from all reports, I'll be happy with them.

    Hurry Jody.;)
  14. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    I buy blades from They carry Feather and do not charge for shipping in the US or to APO's.
  15. BassTone

    BassTone Well-Known Member

    Feathers are nice! :happy088:
  16. tommyboy923

    tommyboy923 Member

  17. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    Glad to help.
  18. SharpSpine

    SharpSpine Well-Known Member

  19. domminigan

    domminigan New Member

    I've gone with eBay BIN from Singapore with good turnaround times before.
    This was my seller:
  20. chillaz0

    chillaz0 New Member

    Sweet, I've recently discovered this blade too. it feels like the blade isn't even touching your skin. I've only had one shave with it so far so hopefully my excitement isn't premature. lol

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