First Full Straight Razor Shave

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by m0j0j0eman, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    Ok. So. Still staying with the SR shaving. I have grown very comfortable with the razor, and am enjoying the shaves. The only thing I don't like about my shaves, is that I can't get certain areas. Between my neck and my jaw and my chin. I am still shooting for the BBS shave.
  2. MileMarker60

    MileMarker60 Member

    Here is a idea.
    While I believe just about any razor can shave well, I also think some razors (shape, grind, ect..) just work better for some people.
    I assume your only razor is a Dovo. It may help to pick up a couple of vintage straights in decent shape and give them a try.
    I would look for different grinds and blade shapes. Maybe a smiling sheffield, or a 1/2 hollow razor.
    Don't worry about what it looks like, just get something that is workable to keep the price down.
    After you test them for a bit you and let go of the ones you don't like.
    Just a idea, keep working at it.
  3. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    That's a nice set-up you have there. Stay with it and it will become second nature. I've been doing SR and DE shaving for the past 50-years. Most young folks have never seen a barber use a SR, even around the ears and neck. A good barber puts the blade on the strap every time he uses it. I got tired of all the upkeep a few years back and purchased one of the Feather SR with replacement blades, and I've never regretted it.
  4. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    Yeah, the only razor I have is the Dovo. I would like to purchase another Dovo for my wedding (in 3 months), but I am up for purchasing something more vintage. I'm not sure where to start? Where to order? Are you saying that with a different razor, I might get those tricky areas?
  5. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    Thanks Johnny.
    Yeah, I am definitely sticking with it. I have never gotten a closer shave than with a straight. It takes a lot of time to get the hang of it, so I am in for the long haul. Some days, I won't feel like dealing with the straight, so I go to DE or my Gilette Fusion razor, just so I don't get burnt out on my straight. It's not that I don't want to deal with the straight, just the amount of time it takes me (I go slow but steady so as to avoid cuts). The more I use it though, the more I love it. It's kind of like driving a manual transmission, weird and uncomfortable at first, but fun and addicting after a couple years.
  6. MileMarker60

    MileMarker60 Member

    What I'm saying is each person is different and sometimes different blades work better for different people. It may be the the weight of the blade, the grind, the shape of the tang. They are all factors in how the shave goes.
    Is it going to make a huge difference? No. But, sometimes those small differences make the difference in the shave.
    While I haven't been shaving for 50yrs, I've shaved with straights for the better part of 20 yrs. Over that span, I've shaved with hundreds of different straight. All of them will shave well but exploring the shapes and grinds is worth it find what works best for you.
    Dovo can make a fine razor but if your going to buy another razor, I would look to see what else is available.
    There are plenty of restores that have great vintage razors for sale, gssixgun being one of many that I can think of.
  7. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    So, It's been just about 2 months since I started wet shaving. I have become comfortable with straight shaving, and I find it relaxing BECAUSE it makes me slow down and take my time. Best shaves of my life.

    Thanks TSD. My wet shaving addiction is growing.
  8. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    Just got a vintage razor the other day from Jeff (stingraysrock). Really close shave. I find that, when I get a new razor that I haven't shaved with before, that I have to break "it" in. Meaning, that my first shave will have a couple of cuts, and after a while, I'll get the hang of the blade, and have some great shaves.
  9. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    It seems that in a world where you can have everything at the snap of your fingers, people just don't like to slow down and enjoy the daily routines of life. And so it seems with a new generation... Having stayed with it for nearly two months, it is really growing on me, and I find myself really enjoying those close and great shaves.
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  10. Hogrider

    Hogrider Member

    Dont get too hang up on achieving BBS yet. First work on shaving technique, blade maintenance which includes honing the razor. There will be problem areas that you need to conquer; in my case was the upper and lower lips. Start with full hollow to half hollow razors and stay away from a wedge last word, when using the preshave oil, don't use too much of it and always dry your hands well; believe me, you don't want to shave with oily and slippery hands. HOG
  11. Jaymo

    Jaymo Active Member

    I like shaving with my straights, but watching that video was a bit nerve wracking. He shaves a lot faster with a straight than I do.
    I kept expecting him to slice off a chunk of chin. It looked like he got a small nick on his chin at the end.
    I've been eying the Boker Edelweiss. I have the 6/8 Dovo Best Quality Black. I don't have any complaints about the Dovo. I like it a lot.
    It's just that I collect knives, safety razors, and straight razors. Needless to say, I can never have enough.
    I'd love to have the Feather Artist Club straight. The different blades available for it are intriguing. Not having to strop/hone would be nice, as well as not worrying about the blade rusting.
    However, they are expensive. I'd really like to have a traditional Japanese straight (also expensive).
    I think I'll shave tonight or tomorrow morning with my Dovo.
    I have 6 or 7 vintage straights also. I may use one of them, also.
    I'd love to have a wedge. Mine are all hollow ground.
  12. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    Hey Jaymo,

    He does shave pretty fast in the video, kinda scary. I really am comfortable shaving with the Dovo. I have two straights, and as both are good razors, I have had more time with the Dovo. I have gone from carving my face up to just one nick. As time progresses, I am finding the shave techniques,soaps,preshave, etc. that help me get better and better shaves.

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