First Time father

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    A nervous man is pacing up and down the corridor of the maternity ward, anxiously awaiting news of his pregnant wife.
    After a long labour the doctor comes out and informs the man that he is the father of a baby boy. Overcome with joy he rushes in to see his wife, who smiles weakly, and hands him the newborn child.
    Cradling his infant son in his arms, the father asks the midwife if there is anything more that he can do. Sensing just how much he wants to be involved she tells him to take the child into the next room to give him a bath.
    Later on the midwife decides to look in to see how the father is doing. Upon entering the room shes jumps back in dismay when she sees what is happening. The father has two fingers wedged up the child's nose and is swirling him around the water in a figure of eight motion.
    "What the hell are you doing?" The midwife screamed.
    "That's not how you bathe a child!"
    "It is when the water's this hot," replied the man.
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    well, I'm sure he'll make a great father :rofl
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    Hahah.....that is a funny one
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    first time poppa

    :happy093 Funny!

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