Fixing a Leak in the Shave Den turned out a Disaster

Discussion in 'Special Projects' started by SSLSTudio..., Aug 25, 2008.

  1. SSLSTudio...

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    So Today 2 guys came in and thought they would fix my Shave den in a blink of an Eye.

    Right. as you know how it goes 90m later they cant find the leak and even started drilling away into my bathtub tiles while I knew there is no leak there .

    Bottom line their comment was.

    1- the whole Back Wall has to go.
    2-The whole Floor has to go to find and check totall sewer pipes.
    3-Bath tub maybe has to go aswell .
    4- bottom line everything has to Go and a complete new bathroom renovation is probably needed :eek::eek: :mad::mad:

    So I call the insurance and say well I think its time the Experts come and take a look this will not be fixed for 1000€ !!!!

    Well here goes my plan to renovate I was going to renovate like next year buying all the equipment I need from Ebay and whole sale stores and then simply getting a contractor in from Poland or Rumania they are just as good if not better but alot cheaper ! I wanted to build out a Roof Chappel so I could install a huge Steam Cabin and a Jacuzzi in the side corner ,remove the toilet dont want that in a Shave Temple.. and get a big Sink in return 2 pieces so I have my own Sink .
    Now it will be hard to pull this off while the Insurance watches you close on your back. I will still try something out here the insurance Xpert will call in the next 2 business days love it how fast insurances work they are never around when you need them but when they need your money they are there just like that.

    a contractor will visit us tomorrow to figure the totall cost plan.. this couldnt have come at a crappier time as I am going on holiday for 3 weeks starting the 09 -09-2008.

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  2. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    Rene, I feel your pain! We're down to one drip in the roof, didn't leak until they put the new roof on. :shocked003
    Good luck with that project and of course, we'll want to see pictures!

  3. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Boubi, that's terrible--I feel awful to see that. :(
  4. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    Oh thats bad Bronco , same thing here the guys left in a hury and didnt want to double check the bathsink I installed myself and I dont think its 100% ok but he simply took the guess its ok. suddenly now I have 4 spots of water leaking from my Ceiling !

    I called the company and told them get back on the double and fix it !
  5. rodd

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    I am really sorry to hear about this. That is terrible. Good luck, I hope that insurance is able to help you out, and you are able to get your den back soon!
  6. IsaacRN

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    Ouch....Im sorry to hear that...

    Good news is you get a new bathroom....bad comes at an inconvenient time.
  7. Gillette_Man

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    Wow, that does look like a disaster. Hopefully this will be one of those situations that you can look back on and laugh about real soon -- doesn't look too funny right now, though. :(
  8. DragonBoy

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    Man that really sucks (pardon the expression).. I hope it get fixed quick and without snags (we all know handymen)..

    I myself is in the middle of building a bathroom for my best friends.. I know what youre going through..
  9. moviemaniac

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    Good lord, Rene, that's a bloody mess. Sorry to hear about it and you plans for a shaving-temple going (literally) down the drain :(
  10. JayKay

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    Ohhhhh my. Your half way there, might as well gut it!
  11. The Chebb

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    Rene, sorry to hear about that. BTW did two of the workers look like any of these guys? And was the third out in the truck sleeping?

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  12. mastermute

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    That is awful... Hope you can get it fixed soon!
  13. Queen of Blades

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    Oh geez......

    If I didn't already have a headache, those pics would have given me one.

    We need to start a "Life is kicking me" thread. :ashamed001
  14. xChris

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    SOrry to read about the unplanned repairs and rennovation. Good luck on getting a setup that compliments your shaving hobby.
  15. MaxP

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  16. soulshine

    soulshine Flower Power

    Arrrrugh - bathroom projects are alway a problem. I feel your pain.
  17. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    Almost man almost ! 2 of them definitly striking appearances !!!! :happy102
    seriously so my ceiling was leaking yesterday and we called the retard I mean plumber back so he goes and sits on the side of the tub and see the shower head on the ground ! and he goes Oh I see your problem look the SHOWERHEAD is on the ground and it has leaked water ! :confused::confused:

    little did he know I had dropped that shower head there even before the leaking had started I really didnt want to speak with him because really he does look like a RETARD ! Schmoo Mooo ? :sick007

    so again my mom went ok why dont you open the bath crane again we installed it ourselves and we think the leak is there he went no that cant be I think the leak is inside the walls and we need to BREAK it all open lets wait for the insurance so this guy was too lazy to reinstall the bath faucet again !
    he just left and the leaking continued !

    so help this we closed the MAIN water supply to the house to stop the leaking during the Night !

    next morning 8 AM the insurance Expert came and saw we need to fix this ASAP this is unacceptable.
    again since we had opened the main water tap the leaking started again ,mom had called to the company again but no one showed up, before I went for my weekly workout at the gymn I called the company again and told them send someone over the insurance wont be happy ! I had to explain to some receptionist probably BLOND hearing her comments ! I explained to another woman what is the case we need to fix this or my whole ceiling will be wetted this is easy fixed I suspect inside the waterpipe is leaking .

    5m later the woman calls back ok im sending a plumber but he wont fix your whole bathroom just so you know I said offcourse I know !!!! getting really pissed now :mad::mad:

    Some 22Y guy arrived but I saw he is a serious guy. I talked to him he didn some investigations and couldnt find the leak then I told him I installed that faucet on the bathtub myself and I suspect it because I didnt have the right tools to install it please re-install.

    He had to go to the company to get more stuff, later I heard from mom he said I had used teflon tape that you use for GASPIPES not waterpipes ! OMG this plumbing is really a TRADE you gotta have the right tool and right stuff
    he refitted everything and used some special threading he said private persons cant get this , this is only sold to plumbers.

    no the leak is fixed !

    you have no IDEA how UPSET I am with the other RETARD while I knew that was the problem to start with ! so that a leak I caused myself im not talking about the other leak which needs to be located still !

    We are waiting now for the contractor to contact us.

    The guy did like my sink faucet the Niagra watefall.. I love it too :D

    all this extra stress I dont need in my life currently ... I have enough projects as is. I hope Sweden will chill me down really fast because I cant take any more stoopidness around me.....
  18. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    OOooooooooo Rene, your description is so visual I can see it happening!
    I really hope you can enjoy Sweden and that the repairs are completed and off your mind.

  19. soapbuddy

    soapbuddy Mistress of Lather

    Geez, that sucks! Makes you wonder how a company such as this one stay in business.
  20. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    Update for all, im back from my Trip to Sweden and yes totally revamped !
    Sweden has that effect on you, because there are only 9 million people in whole of Sweden while if you fit 50 million people you would still not get in the way of eachother.

    I had a nice view front and back at the flat I stayed at I sported like crazy with the mountainbike up against the mountains and in Sweden they can become pretty big and steep.

    Bathroom update. Insurance has agreed to pay a bit of the damage they looked at how many people live in the house and how old the bathroom is.

    The contractor made a fix up plan for the insurance and I believe the insurance approved it. but between me and the contractor we made a new plan to fix me up with my DREAM Shaveden.

    so we are going to do something else. in the loop we need more headspace so out goes the roof and we will place a roof chapell .
    I will get a new roof in the shaveden buildin with a kick ass speaker system so I can listen to music while I shave for lights we will use Halogene dimmers

    The shower we opted a steamcabine is not good better to keep the shower area and bath tub in place. so im looking for a big Rainforest tropical shower head , and a modern jacuzzi. we are taking out the toilet I dont like toilets anyways to be in a bathroom to me its not so feng shui so I will have more room for a big sink and cabinet space. a towel heater offcourse you cant go without it.

    The toilet we made a smart new solution just out side the bathroom there is some space we will build a new small area for the toilet eat up a bit of space of the floor area where you enter bedrooms I dont mind loosing a bit of space over that but its NOT smart to take out a toilet for reselling the house purposes.

    So now this guy is designing something and me aswell I can totally be in charge of all the material that will go into the bathroom so if any of you have any cool ideas now is the time to speak up the designing starts now.

    we hope to finish before christmas and me too id hate to think bathing in crap like this during the holidays.

    I am thinking a walk in shower will optically give me more visual effects that the bathroom is really big. with a drainage system build in the floor.
    I am thinking of color granite black nature stones.

    This will be a fun project ,the guy already wants to take before and after pics because the bathroom is so outdate at the moment.

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