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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by drnausheerp, Dec 1, 2018.

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    i'm with Edison on this one, it does provide a super comfy shave with ZERO irritation.
    I'm going to try feather blade next, almost BBS with voskhod

    from a design perspective, once you get the rear pressure thing, it virtually removes skin blade angle error
    IMHO once you get the cap to face contact correct which is easy, it creates optimum skin/hair to blade angle, making it irritation free
    curious to hear a technical perspective regarding the design/engineering that does this
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  2. Edison Carter

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    In a way, the Focus R48 still fits the model of "technique trumps tools" we like here because it requires one to master its own technique. But then again, it ain't all that hard.

    I heard plenty from the naysayers claiming what great shavers they are and how horrible this razor is. I'm convinced that they tried to use traditional wet shaving techniques or had a poorly loaded blade if results were lacking.

    I believe that this tool is evolved from its shavette cousin in design where the shaving plane is established by the flat area behind the blade. Perhaps @thesuperiorshave could comment since he has been face to face with the inventor.
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  3. wchnu

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    How it it it is used....take your pick.
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  4. Edison Carter

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    Uh..... You forgot to mention GREAT RESULTS.

    Really though, your commentaries could be more credible if you stuck with stuff you actually have experience with.
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  5. Edison Carter

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    Wow, I've been using my straights so regularly and do long I figured I better crosscheck my techniques with the Focus R48 so I'm not guilty of hypocrisy here.

    So, I loaded both up with halves of a new Feather testing out the technique suggested by @Jenks. Great idea, thanks. I modified it a bit because of the wax on Feathers. Both surfaces were well cleaned after removing the old blades. The blade was positioned on the cap using the wax present as the 'grippie' instead of water. Then I securely held the cap and blade together and used a Q-tip to clean wax from the exposed side. Slid the bottom on the top and 'easy peasy' perfect! First time, both times, never done that b4.

    Whipped up a terrific smooth thick lather like only a 'Super Badger' can, and thinned it over to the 'sloshy side' the way I like in my Fine Accouterments Bowl (because mugs are for coffee).

    Made 4 totally irritation free passes heading for that 'cotton ball test' smooth ending and, oops, my technique must have gotten a little rusty during the last 6 months or so of straight razor shaving. No problem, a couple of splashes of the juice and a few quick strokes and there it was, the great result you come to expect on this shave.

    So, once again technique trumps tools, and thanks to a friend here, I think I have learned the technique to overcome my sole objection to this razor; blade loading.

    Be well my friends.
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    I do not need to try somethings. You can look at it and tell. I get the shaves you talk about with several different styles of real razor. No need to use oddball garbage.
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    There is no need for anyone to attempt converting someone happy with a set of shaving gear to something else.
    However, if you wanted to, name calling would be a good way to pummel them into submission.

    Now, if an individual in a 'freedom of shave forum' actually wanted to help others along their way, they probably would skip over the little games and deal with facts.

    Doesn't bother me a bit what you care to call the Focus R48, but this shaving tool does present the blade to the skin and beard at precisely the right angle and with the proper pressure and technique comfortably removes hair growth. It's that simple.

    For me, it is not as fun as feeling the sharp edge of a razor that I have honed and stropped sound off as it plinks facial hair. But thats just me, not everyone has those skills.

    Still, the Focus R48 Dynamic 1/2 DE Single Edge pivoting head razor will be my choice on the days I walk my daughters down the aisle.
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  8. wchnu

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    Who is trying to convert? I asked the op..who has not made a post in this thread since december of last year..a question. I even quoted his post to get his attention. You jumped in. Apparently you care what I call this cart garbage looking plastic doodad...
    As for helping others on their way.... I have probably given away more gear over my 10 years on this forum then you own. Add in 7 years of TOST and I know I have helped a metric ton of people get into..and enjoy this hobby. I am an old bear sonny boy. I earned my crankyness and the right to express my thoughts on new age junk. Add me to your ignore list. You just made mine.
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    Well since I've made your ignore list, I'm not sure you'll ever hear this but here is my response:

    First, you did not even meet the OP criteria of "actual user". I did, and gave a genuine response with positives and negatives.
    He seemed pleased with my response and continued the dialog.

    Secondly, it is an 'old post' and while you did quote it, your response appears unhelpful if not downright inflammatory.

    Thirdly, there is 'no plastic' in the construction of this 'doodad'

    Forthly, I will commend you for your generosity to others in the specific areas of the 'shaving world' you enjoy.

    Fifthly, your use of the term 'sonny boy' does help prove my point about 'name calling'.

    Sixthly, I do exceed you in age and overall life experience. So I can easily out trump your claim of a right to crankiness. Yet, it is my choice to stick with facts and my actual experiences in my postings.

    And lastly, while I cannot match your tenure in the wet shaving community. if I choose to drop out here, I will actually 'drop out' and not run off and start my own shaving forum and then come back in sniping at those I disagree with.

    If I have offended you personally, please accept my apologies, for I don't mean harm. I'm not gonna put you on an ignore list, because believe it or not, I respect your expertise in vintage shave gear.
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    Just in case anyone ever has doubts if people can be disingenuous, maybe even downright malicious, I found this in the 30DC thread on our topic here:

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  11. Edison Carter

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    Just for the record of a couple of my charges, the below was found at TOST speaking of another modern razor.

    Some folks can dish it out, but get so easily bent out of shape for anyone calling them out.

    Gotta feed the fan club though.

    Jan 6, 2018 at 2:09am

    So I just stepped on some toes across the street. That right there is the ugliest looking garbage I have seen in some time. Really. I would be afraid to use it as a trotline weight. It would scare the fish off.

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