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    I named this FrankenRazor Venom.
    Like the comics character, he is an alien.
    In his own way a good guy, even if he does not always do Good.

    That's because Maggard Razors V3 head isn't your classic Edwin Jagger / Muehle (Standard) though it may seem like it.
    In fact, I believe the asian production is all of the Standard Plus type as in this case, with slight but significant differences.
    These materialize in greater effectiveness.
    But paid net with less intuitiveness.
    Without due attention, even with less comfort.

    Unfortunately there is no possibility to find this information on the sales sites.
    And it is practically impossible to notice by eye the differences with the european originals.
    The differences are infinitesimal:
    • arching of the topcap
    • width of the topcap
    • width of the base
    • rounded finish of the nut

    These differences are in points that define the dynamics of the blade.
    So even if almost invisible, they can be seen in the behavior of the razor.
    Where the european Standard head shines for intuitiveness, ease and comfort ... the Asian Standard Plus is more grumpy.
    Nothing that a little practice can't handle. But this report is aimed at those who start, and who advises the neophyte.

    Here the Venom.
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    Rockwell 6S top cap, Karve C solid bar and a Signature Shaving bead blasted stainless steel handle. The handle was chrome plated but I like the bead blasted finish. It also looks great with a Karve OC plate.
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    I have a few Frankenrazors, but this would probably be my favorite. A Gillette New Long Comb on a Colonial General brass handle. The added weight makes a nice difference in shaving...............

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    I like my R41 base plate paired with a Yaqi Beast/Mellon top cap. I typically pair it up with my Razorock Barber Pole handle.
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    I'd like to see it.
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    I plan to use it again fairly soon. I'll take some pics.
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    How about this Frankenrazor. Old meets NEW.

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    Someone welded a nut to the razor head to mate it with an autostrop handle and the razor head angle was readjusted.

    fg1.jpg fg2.jpg fg3.jpg
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