FS: Fat Boy, Slims, Goodwill, NEW LC & DeLuxe, OT, Red Tip, Blue Tips, & more!

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    These are user grade razors that work great & blade alignment is good in all of them. Early in my wet shaving obsession I would shop & buy practically every razor I found. I don't need all of these, so my loss is your gain! Ask for more pics of any razor you're interested in.

    Please add $5 shipping for one razor, $8 for 2 razors. CONUS only, shipping international is OK but buyer will pay all shipping costs. I will reply to PM's in the order they are received. Please make payment via PayPal.

    I'm open to reasonable offers, & will also entertain trade offers. I'm looking for 26mm badger brushes with a fan knot, or other razors.
    All prices reduced $3 on remaining items.

    1. Goodwill #160, $25. The Goodwill #160 is one of the best shavers in my den. This razor has straight teeth, almost no gold wash left on the cap, & 2 cracks in the handle.
    2. TRADED NEW LC, $20. Gold wash is almost all gone on cap & handle, one end tooth is slightly bent.
    3. SOLD Criterion Gold NEW DeLuxe, $18. Another top shaver, some rate this as one of the top razors ever! Teeth are straight, gold wash missing on most of the cap & parts of the handle, crack in handle.
    4. SOLD Old Type with case, $25. This 1920's Brownie Old Type is in very good condition considering its age. There is only minor plate loss on the cap. Case outside fabric is frayed, hinges are attached & work.
    5. Fat Boy, $55. Date code G2, has a little plate loss on doors & baseplate, missing paint on most numbers.
    6. SOLD Slim, $33. Date code H2, very good condition, very minor brassing on both safety bars, numbers intact.
    7. TRADED Slim, $30. Date code H3, minor brassing on baseplate, most numbers are intact.
    8. Slim, $28. Date code J1, small scratches on doors, brassing on baseplate & handle, missing most numbers.
    9. Slim, $25. Date code L4, brassing inside doors & baseplate & handle, Missing most numbers.
    10. SOLD Red Tip, $27. Date code D1, plating good on outside doors, a little brassing on inside doors & baseplate, some red paint missing.
    11. SOLD Blue Tip, $25. Date code B4, plating intact on cap & baseplate, some blue paint missing.
    12. Blue Tip, $20. Date code C2, plating intact on cap & baseplate, stains on handle, some blue paint missing.
    13. Black Handle Super Speed, $17. Date code N1, small scratches on doors.
    14. Super Speed, $22. Date code O1, very good condition.
    15. Super Speed, $20. Date code Z3, nice condition, a little brassing on baseplate.
    16. Super Speed, $22. Date code C4, notice different knurling, a little discoloration of plating on doors.
    17. Ball Handle Tech, $17. No date code, a little discoloration on cap & fading of Gillette logo on cap.

    IMG_2237.jpg IMG_2236.jpg IMG_2235.jpg IMG_2234.jpg IMG_2233.jpg IMG_2232.jpg IMG_2231.jpg IMG_2230.jpg
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