Gamechanger..... RazoRock is on point!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Str8on2, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Well just got done my 8th daily shave with my new Razorock Game Changer .84 razor and it's a keeper. As bought with radio nob handle and .84 base plate it weighed in at 3.7 oz(105 grams) and handles well for it's heft IMO. The shaves I received are standard DFS>CCS>BBS consistently and that is great if you are a daily shaver like my self. I put the razor through the paces with different soaps, J hooking, Gillette slide, buffing but stayed with a Gillette standard 7 oClock SP and one shave with a Astra SP and just normal routine shaving. It cleans easily because of the 3 pc system and putting the blade on base plate instead of cap is different but I did it both ways with no problems with finally alignment of blade. The quality is very high IMO like others have mentioned but there always different visual effects that can be done to make it stand out even nicer I guess like gold plating, safety bar dimples .... .I believe for $49.99-$54.99 US depending on the handle & also made of 316 stainless steel that I got my money's worth for a nice DE razor.
    This is just my opinion were the razor falls in Aggressive & efficiency ball park estimation.
    Razorock Game changer .84.jpg

    Other comparisons if interested

    New razor aggression chart of most of my razors approxmate areas of concern..jpg
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    Well done, sir.... :happy088:
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    That GOLD looks reaaall good.
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    Definitely wanting to pick up one of these with the more aggressive baseplate.
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    I'm really enjoying my Razorock Game Changer .84 with radio knob handle, it seems they really hit a nice sweet spot with not to much blade positive exposure and just about right blade gap provides a decent consistent(DFS>BBS) shave(Medium beard type). Using one of my favorite blades Personna red and just getting great results.:eatdrink047::happy108:
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    Can anyone tell me if there’s blade overhang or is the blade completely covered? Thanks
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    The blade tabs are completely covered.

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    Hadn’t used the GC in a bit as I was participating in the OCtober event and got it on with some of my favorite open comb razors. Honestly though, I hadn’t shaved with the GC in over a month and tonight was the night for this smooth operator. And it delivered. Had the .84 base plate and an Astra SP installed. Just an excellent combination of smoothness & efficiency with just a touch more blade feel than the .68 version. You really can’t go wrong with either base plate as a daily shaver. But, I give the nod to the .84 as it gives me the feel and comfort that I look for in a daily. Not that I use it daily but, if I were it would be the one. Alongside my Dart and my Single Ring and my Rex and my Old Type and my...... :innocent

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